Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Week in Phone Pics

This week gave us some pretty decent weather in Nashville, after all the tornado mess from last week.

Some fun we got into this week:

trying fried pickles for the first time, yum! - park time with Josh, Go Vols in the SEC tourney - headed out for errands; Jules with baby Emma, Josh with George and his purse of cars - night night Josh - Zoo time, more park time - even more park time - crazy Josh hair - night night Jules - consignment sale - driving our car at Lowe's - Jules posing in her cute outfit

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  1. Did you get good stuff at the sale? I need to go to a sale before they are all over. Jules is soooo adorable with her stroller. I love having time with just Evie now - it seems so easy to just have one kid with me. Carl likes staying home with Henry because he still sleeps a lot.

  2. OK What program do you use for your photos - I love the layout!! Stopping in to say hey and follow from today’s blog hop – would love you to come by today and check out my EXCITING NEWS!! BTW, all my follow buttons are on the left side of my posts.

  3. Adorable pictures, how did you get them into that collage format? Following you from the blog hop.