Sunday, March 4, 2012

Steppin Out Saturday - Science is Fun and so are Date Nights

We had a pretty fun Saturday after a quite rough Friday (had tornado warnings and watches pretty much all day).

We got a year long membership to the Adventure Science Center in Nashville from Aunt Nancy's for the kiddos. We have never been, although I have been dying to (yes, I am that nerd). I was kind of afraid of it being to museum-like and not really for toddlers.

I was so wrong! It's basically a gigantic science-themed play place, and it's huge and it's awesome. I had so much fun, and I'm sure the kids did too :) And maybe Jake.

They had SO.MUCH.FUN

This girl loves, loves her blocks.
On Jules: Shirt: Baby Lulu//Jacket: Oilily//Jeggings: Children's Place//Shoes: can't remember! Just bought them

Those precious curls. I'm not sure her hair will ever grown DOWN. I am 100% convinced she has 10 feet of ringlets in there.

Josh is his usual, mid run.
On Josh: Shirt:Gap//Jeans: Gymboree//Shoes: New Balance tennies

Josh making friends at the Whack-a-Veggie

They both loved this thing. It would go round-and-round. Josh kept pushing it around 100 times, while Jules rode the slide about 101 times. (it is supposed to simulate food in your stomach digesting. Science museums are cool!)

Saturday night Jake's parents came out and Jake and I had a date night. Oh, how I love date nights! We went to a local pub, The Melrose to watch the Duke/North Carolina game. Then Jake had a gift card to Jimmy Kelly's steakhouse, so we had an opportunity for a fabulous dinner, but it was just so-so for sure.
Jake and Josh

On Moi: Top: Banana Republic//Jeans: Target//Shoes: Steve Madden//Necklace and Bracelet: Ann Taylor
Red Lips optional.
Jules is on outfit #2. FYI
Jake is the photographer, so apologies for the blurries.

Oh well, at least we got out on the town. :) Super fun though.

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  1. How FUN! Your kiddos are so cute!

  2. Whack A Veggie?! How cute! That looks so much fun.

  3. kids are so cute...New follower from Food Corner

  4. I have been curious about the science center. It looks like so much fun. Evie would love it!Sleep training is going better but obviously still happening since I am up at 2:10. Did you see the news about the restaurant from the other night? So tragic!

  5. Yes, I'm that nerd, too! I love getting memberships to all of our museums. Glad you made it through the storms safely and had a good date night!
    Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

  6. Great post! I never realized how important date nights are until having kids! You kids are precious!

  7. You're all looking very stylish!