Sunday, March 18, 2012

Steppin Out Saturday - St Pattys Day and Spring Cleaning

How much do you love St Patrick's Day? I don't know what is is, but man! I love this day! I will go ahead and preface this with a warning that the babes were very much in a picture taking mood today, so I VERY much obliged, natch.

On Jules: Dress: Tea
On Josh: Shirt: Yo Gabba Gabba//Shorts: Polo
Hand Holding: A gift sent from God to make mommies die.

I triple dog dare you to find a cuter boy on the planet.

He was all out the pictures on Saturday!! YAY! Seriously - how sweet is he? And, yes, I totes agree he looks like a little girl here. HeHe. Must get that haircut soon.

Little cutie pie!

Saturday morning the babes and I went to a couple of more consignment sales, but they were just eh. I am pretty picky when it comes to consignment sales. And I have come to the conclusion that church sales aren't the greatest. They aren't picky when it comes to what they allow in their sales because they just want as much money to go to their church, so the stuff isn't super high quality like other sales. But, I still got a few things.

Um....can we say Afro?

Little model posing

The babes and I then went to the park on a FABULOUS sunny day here (mid 70's! hello!). Then there was an after-nap issue concerning some poop (yes, I said it - that beauty will have to wait for another post). I then spent the majority of the afternoon changing out their winter/summer clothes (how is it already possible that we are doing that??)
She's hysterical

Josh wants to join in on the fun! They liek pretending they are "in jail". Hmmm. Maybe we should stop playing this game. Don't want them to actually enjoy it.

Closet full of spring clothes!

This boy now owns more shorts than Jake has probably even owned. I have a problem.

Then Jake and I got to get out on a fun date night with basketball watching and St Pattys Day Fun.
YAY for St Patty's Day!

On Moi:
Dress: Old Navy//Belt: Target//Shoes: Aldo

Family Pic! No, Jake isn't wearing green. He did wear a green shirt eariler when he played golf though. And that mess on Jules' face? Orange M and M. She likes to lick the outside off and spit out the rest. HeHe.

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  1. They are getting so much more hair!!! Adorable pics, as always. Hope you and Jake enjoyed your evening out.

  2. What a cute family! You and the kiddos look FAB!

  3. Gorgeous photos of your kiddos! They are adorable! Love your green dress.

  4. super cute dress!!! You have the most adorable kiddos ever!!!

  5. lovely pics! Your family are gorgeous, as are you in that beautiful green dress! :D

  6. Don't you guys look festive! Dumb Dad went out with the neighbor and he spent 20 minutes trying to find something green to put on. couldn't even find a green sticker in this house for him to wear!

  7. Look at those curls! Such cutie patooties. And your dress rocks!