Sunday, March 11, 2012

Steppin Out Saturday - Zoo, Choo Choos, Consignment and Dinner Dates

What a super fun weekend at Casa de Stribling! I got pretty bummed during the week because the weather forecast was 5 straight days of rain. However, it ended up being sunny and beautiful. My mom also came in town so it was also a weekend of babysitters - woohoo! Friday I went out with my girlfriends to a much needed fun girls night dinner at Cantina Laredo in the Gulch (super yummy, fyi).

Saturday came along and was the first of my consignment sales!! WOOHOO! (You know how quite obsessed I am with consignment sales) - I got up early and was at the Little Spouts sale by 8am. They are an upscale only consignment sales, so you can usually find some great deals on super cute stuff. Honestly though, they had much more girl stuff than boys, so I just bought Jules a bunch of stuff and didn't really score anything with Josh (which by the way, I am starting to understand why there are no upscale 2T clothes much - boys are so rough on clothes!) - after that I went to the YMCA kids sale, and found just the opposite - much more for boys, and really nothing at all for girls. I racked up for Josh there, and was amazed by all the high end stuff I saw there for him! Good grief, I love consigning.

After that my mom and I took the kiddos to the zoo for our first of many trips there in 2012 (thanks for the membership Aunt JJ!). The past two weeks me and my nanny have begun talking to them about giving our pacifiers to the baby animals at the zoo. We didn't do it this trip, but we did talk about it alot again. (to get them used to the idea) *an aside on pacifiers, since he turned two, Josh is now obsessed with pacifiers and must have one at bedtime. What have I done??? He has gone 2 years without wanting on needing one, now all of a sudden he is an addict. Jeez...

So, anyway, we went to the zoo, and they loved every second. The hands-down best thing ever was we rode the train for the first time. I never have walked up here to the train before because its kind of out of the way, and I have my little routine I stick to at the zoo, but thought it would be fun this time. Can I just say that one little boy thought it was Christmas morning times oh, 1,000,000 when he saw that train and he knew he was going to ride it? He was SO EXCITED. I swear, if they had that train for sale I would have found some way to pack it up and bring it home with me, that's how happy he was. He was giggling and jumping up and down in his seat. It was precious.
Petting the goats at the petting zoo.Not gonna lie, teh babes looked a little riffraff Saturday. And I misjudged the the weather a lot. Jules "might" have been the only pant-less kid there and I won mother of the year. Let's not even discuss her poor hair, bless her heart.
On Jules: Top: CachCach//Skirt: Target//Shoes

She got really tickled when the goat tried to eat her skirt. And then I took probably the cutest picture of her afterwards. And then I died.

Sweet Josh kept trying to climb the wall and go in the barn with the goats.
On Josh: Top: Gymboree//Pants: Target//Shoes: Merrell

Waiting for our turn on the train. Seriously, I have never seen a happier boy.

ChooChoo! It was just our size! Happy boy on the right. They picked the car to ride in.

ChooChoo - peepie Mimi!

Everybody say cheese to Mimi! Or, maybe just this stanger boy, Wyatt, who got stuck on the crazy car with us. Poor guy, lol. Where did my children go?

Saturday night we took advantage of our babysitter one last time and Jake and I went to PF Chang's and sat at the bar and watched basketball and ate dinner. It was nice, fun, and yummy.

On Moi: Top: H and M//Cardigan: White House/Black Market//Jeans: Target//Shoes: Bamboo, from a local boutique here in Brentwood.

Seriously, awesome weekend over here.

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend! And that really is the cutest photo ever of Jules!!

  2. So much fun! And bee tee dubs, you've got GREAT hair!