Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Weekly Project 23 - Bow Ties

On Josh: Shirt and Pants and Shoes: Gap//Bowtie:

Dear Josh,

Mommy bought you two bow ties, and you wore one to church last Sunday. It is definitely your look. Being a twin, you are constantly wanting what Jules has. Jules gets to paint her toes and fingers pink. You, not understanding, and not wanting to be left out, get "shiny" toes. (clear polish, lol). You don't understand why you can't wear bows and pigtails in YOUR hair like Jules. It's so hard for Mommy to say that girls do some things, and boys do another. (silly, really). But, now you have your bow!! Now you can wear your bows as well, just like Jules. And you loved it. It was so very, very precious on you as well, like most everything in life. Your sister Jules is my super-smart-spunky-hysterical-cute one, but you my darling boy are my sweet-magazine-cover-model-perfect-beautiful-take-my-breath-away-handsome son.



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  1. I am so tempted to buy Braden one of these bow ties! They are so adorable and he looks so handsome!

  2. Oh my goodness, Josh is just the cutest! He is take your breath away handsome. I need to get Henry a few of these when it's time. Precious!

  3. Cute little bowtie; even cuter little kid!
    -Jackie @ Baby ties