Friday, April 6, 2012

Dying Easter Eggs!

Another of firsts this week - we dyed our first set of Easter Eggs! Mimi helped us. Although in my mind it was going to be this magical experience...Ha.Ha. Ha. I don't remember it being quite so messy as a child.

It was still fun. Of the dozen we boiled, about 9 survived toddler hands. They loved how they changed colors though and they loved decorating them!

Stripped down to their skivvies!

Hmmmm, whats going on in there?

Mimi's hand! That is the only thing she would allow in the pictures so early in the morning. HeHe!


Josh cracks me up. He is holding EVERY. SINGLE. toy he got in Mimi's Easter basket - with a death grip. Pity the fool who tries to take something away from him.

Sweet girl!

Let's try on our SUPER random bunny mask/glasses!

Look out world- it's Batbunny! The scariest diaper-wearing superhero you will ever meet!

The surviving eggs! (and the yellow one also didn't survive - see the crack?)

She is a MESS! Ha! Between the hair, panties, and basic discheveled look - its hysterical.

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  1. I thought egg dying was going to be a magical experience too. Messy, chaotic not quite the way I anticipated it. We have not dyed eggs yet this year. Kids are super cute as always! The dishelved look is popular around my house too.

  2. Awww, she looks so cute in her undies!