Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Sunday - Stribling's Style

Hoppy Easter everyone! If you are as giddy about holidays around here as I am, well, lucky you! I love Easter. We did lots of fun things surrounding the holiday, like taking some pics with bunnies, dying Easter eggs, visiting the bunnies at Phillips Toy Mart, Easter Egg hunts, Easter Baskets, and visiting the Easter Bunny! We didn't get into the whole religious side of it this year, but we definately will next year.  They are still a bit to young to understand, and were just real obsessed with all the bunny talk, so I didn't want to confuse them, ya know?

But, we did make it to church, and it was SLAMMED. Our church is pretty big, no lie. It's not one of the "southern mega-churches" liek you hear about it, but still large. I think we had 5500 people at Sunday's service - crazy!! After that, we went down to the Striblings for Easter Lunch. There, we changed into our Masters gear (the kids, not me - their Daddy bought them stuff when he went this week) and did some golf watching (him, not me) and eating and easter egg hunting! Super beautiful day, super awesome service, super awesome day. God is good!

Their baskets!
DIY by Moi :)

They were so easy and cute!
Easter bunny came!

Family Easter Pic. I coordinated the kids, but the fact that Jake and I coordinated with each other and the kids was a complete fluke! Promise!

Papa, Baaa, and the babes
Can I just say HOW MUCH I am obsessed with Baby Toms? And Jules jumped off this stump 2,398 times, no lie.

The babes swinging with cousin Gabe, and Josh loves necklaces. LOVES them.

She's really cute. How much do you love their Masters outfits? (AND THEIR TOMS???)

Hunting Eggs!!!!

And if you still want more, here are videos!

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  1. Great pictures! Love their little cute =)

  2. You guys are a GORGEOUS family! I love that y'all coordinated!

  3. I just love your family! Im new to your blog and I love it.

  4. Those are the cutest baskets ever! Maybe you could make some for my little bunnies :)

    I think you have a new business idea on your hand!

    Jules and Josh look cute as ever. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday.