Friday, April 6, 2012

First Dentist Appointment!

We survived our first dentist appointment. I really, really tried to prepare them. I talked about getting a surprise afterwards, we made up a song about how fun the dentist was, etc, etc. But, alas, all the toys in the waiting room were no help. They still screamed and screamed, lol - poor things! If Jake is anything as a parent, it is a BIG proponent of healthy teeth. So, he was super excited both kiddos got to put a golden (or blue and pink) ticket up on the "No Cavities!" wall.

Everything went well and was great. On the downside, however, they both have longer-than-necessary labial frenulum. Not abnormal. It's that tissue that attaches your upper lip to your gums. I had it too. It will probably have to be removed (as mine was) to prevent a gap between your teeth. Sigh... Even more sadly, is that the dentist said that the tissue there is so weak that often times kids will tear it on their own by falling, etc - no surgery! (am I supposed to be excited about this happening? Eww!) All in all, its very, very minor. Plus side is that they both have a great set of teeth :)

Jules, doing the "dentist" dance. (this was clearly before the OMG meltdown in the chair)

Jake, trying to talk Josh into becoming buddies with Mr. Dentist. (wasn't working)

Poor lil' dude. He was NOT happy.

Screaming....(Jules, however, was 1,232,568 times worse)

Yay for no cavities!!!

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  1. Love the tickets! Our LO screamed through her 1st appointment too =(

  2. I'm 99% sure out first dentist visit will look exactly like that as tooth brushing is like that half the time still!

  3. Kaycee had to have that flap of skin cut too. No big deal really but her stitch didn't dissolved like it was supposed to so we had to take her back to get it removed. She knew what to expect so that was a big ol drama fest.

  4. Oh no. L & V have their first appointment this week. I'm taking them by myself. And now I am terrified.

  5. It must be so so terrifying for a young child going to the dentist. I am a grown up and I still get scared. Sounds like Jake had his has hands full with Jules and Josh. The good news is everything turned out well and they have good healthy teeth. I guess you can't wait for the next visit.