Monday, April 23, 2012

Non-Zoo, Zoo Day

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My Aunt Clara was in town recently and her, my mom, me and the babes spent the afternoon at the Nashville Zoo. It was a fantastic day to get outside and walk around. Allow me to tell you a little secret about my fabulously active Auntie Clara - she adores all things history, and adores all things gardening. So, imagine her delight when we ventured off the beaten path of the zoo to go explore the Historic Croft House at the zoo. To say it was like Christmas morning to her is an understatement. She was so excited. She explored the grounds and their gardens. She did a tour of the home with my mom (the babes were going to tour as well, but they lasted about 1.5 minutes). So, honestly it was kind of cool. We really went to the zoo, and didn't do much "zooing". We explored the house and the ground and the kids rode the carousel. It was fun!

It was such a wonderful day!! I love exploring with Aunt Clara. She is so very knowledgeable and fascinated with history and I love to learn from her.

Reading abour the house!

Walking the gardens

Riding the carousel!

As usual, if I want a pic of my and my kids, it's a self portrait, lol.

Could quite possibly be my favorite picture of Jules to date. Beautiful.

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And, finally, a pic of Aunt Clara, mom, and the kiddos Sunday before Church


  1. Such sweet pics! My lil' dude loooooooves the zoo too!

  2. Fun! Does Josh have a nasal aspirator in his mouth? That would not be unusual at all in my house. Love the toy storage and the furniture! Can't wait until I have time for projects again.