Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Steppin' Out Saturday - Easter Egg Hunt and when we see Mr. Bunny

What a fun weekend!! Do ya'll love holidays as much as me? (or I? not sure what is appropriate there. Hmmm). Anywho, what a fun weekend! Old Natchez had their annual "Breakfast with the Easter Bunny" and Egg Hunt, So the babes, Jake and I totally partook! It was a beautiful day - perfect for looking at bunnies and eggs and basket fun.

The hunt (they make it pretty easy for the 4 and under) and the hunters ready to go!

Josh became an egg-hunting pro!!

Sweet little Jules!
On Jules: Top and Leggings: Matilda Jane//Shoes: Itty Bitty (and they squeak - I die)

Modeling a bucket, made by yours truly

Josh - on the hunt

Jake is laughing in pic on the left b/c Jules wanted no part in putting those eggs in her pretty basket filled with Foofa!

They also got balloon animals! Josh got the Cars balloon (note his lips going VRRROOOOOMM!) and Jules got a flower, she is super excited, right?

Mess o' Curls

And with the babes!
On Moi: Tank and Skirt: H and M//Jacket: Good Ole Levi's//Shoes: Aldo

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