Thursday, May 31, 2012

28 Months - Update on the Babes

I haven't done one of these in so long! Yes, I realize they are no longer babies (what?? yes they are!!) Sigh...they are growing up before my eyes. Josh got his driver's license last week and Jules just got asked out to the prom by a boy named Brad Stevens. We went and bought her this beautiful pale pink chiffon strapless evening gown. Wait...what? HeHe

Back to now. They REALLY are growing up quickly, though no lie. They can have really real conversations with me and each other, which blows my mind. They are like little people! They say please, thank you, you're welcome, I'm so proud of you!, Come back here now, etc, etc and other things that make you do a double take at these little nuggets. Hysterical!

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Smart as whips! Little technology buffs.
28 Months Old!!

Eating: You could say we have officially entered into a toddler eating rut. Yes, I know you are supposed to pick your battles. But man! What happened to all those lofty aspirations I had when they were babies? I made all their baby food from fresh all organic fruits and vegetables. I made a WIDE variety of vegetables so they would have a very diverse pallet. Ha. Ha. Ha. Jules would eat chicken or cheerios every day for every meal. She hates vegetables, and if she does eat an entire meal I am doing a jig. Josh is a much better eater, and will at least attempt to try thing on his plate. These issues make it very weary for me to cook different things for them because its a hit or miss if its gets eaten. And then I'm just wasting time/money/calories when they won't eat it, so then I feel guilty because they haven't eaten anything and want to pull the chicken out (and my hair) Come on moms, I know you have been here or are here currently.

Sleep: They are still great sleepers. I can't complain here. They sleep from 11-12 hours a night, and are napping around 2 hours. The napping thing might just be the death of me. Dinnertime and naptime are my LEAST favorite times of the day. Since we said byebye to pacis a few months ago,naps are a constant struggle. It is SO HARD to get them down. They might go down easy one day, might say up there and giggle/talk for an hour before finally falling asleep, might not nap at all, and might decide to pull of their clothes and diaper. (fun times, there). So, we have been trying to re-establish a naptime routine to help soothe them down. Once they are asleep - it's great! They'll take really good naps. It's just the "WHEN WILL THEY GO TO SLEEPPPPPP???" thing that is frustrating.

Our Schedule:

7:15- they wake up around 7. We usually go in about 7:15/7:30 depending. (this will change once we start preschool on Monday! YAY!! - will post about this!)
8:00 - Cheerios or Oatmeal or Eggs and Toast or Pancakes
9:00- snack of some kind - crackers, fruit, etc

11:30 - Lunch. Usually consists of leftovers, sandwich or pasta of some sort.Or we may go out to lunch.

12:30/1 - naptime. Honestly I put them down here, but sometimes its after 1:30 before they fall asleep. I still try for the earlier time, because there isn't a mom I know that puts their kids down so late. But they are just not tired yet!

3/3:20 - This is either some of a pasta I have in the fridge, chicken nuggets, or a sandwich here if they didn't have one earlier. Maybe cheese, avocado, popcorn, etc. (I know, it's bad)

6:30 - dinnertime. Sometimes they eat dinner with us, and sometimes not. It depends on what I have fixed and some things I fix aren't for them or Jake gets home late, or we want to grill out sans kiddos. :)

7:30-8 - baths, story/bedtime
Activities: Love being outside. We love the zoo, parks, storytime, just really getting out and about.
Stats: Jules can still wear 18m dresses and some clothes, and can wear alot of 24m stuff. 2T stuff varies depending on the cut. We are potty trained (yay!) but still wears size 5 diapers at naptime and bedtime (still not sure what to do here - she has yet to wake up dry and has been potty trained now for several months now) Josh can wear 2T and some 3T shirts. Pants and shorts however, fall right off him poor thing. So, he is mostly still in 18m shorts, but can wear some 24m. Jules is in size 6 shoes, and Josh is in size 7, although Jules can probably move pretty soon. its CRAZY. They are still in size 5 diapers.
Milestones: Like I mentioned before, they are CHEELENS. They can talk ya'll!! Serious, honest-to-goodness conversations. It's crazy. Like, I can talk to them and stuff. They talk to me. They pick out their clothes, they pick out what they want to eat (to some extent) they tell me what activities they want to do, they can tell what shows they want to watch, and what songs they want to sing. They can make their own choices and make their own decisions (again, to some extent). They have little sponge-like minds that go "Whats this Mommy?" A LOT. They make me serious belly laugh more than I ever imagined they could. They can frustrate the ever living daylights out of you and then the next second say "BIG HUG MOMMY!" and melt your heart. They are just the most precious, smart, funny things in the entire world, and I am one lucky mommy.

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  1. Well, you "know" me, and my kid wakes up at about 7-7:30am and I don't put him down for a nap until 2. And he usually doesn't fall asleep until like 2:15, sometimes 2:30. If I put him in his crib before 2, he still doesn't fall asleep earlier, but he ends up actually having a harder time falling asleep because he spent too much awake time in his crib.

    So there you go!:)

    Also, he naps for 1 hour and sleeps 10 hours at night. That is it!