Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First Baseball Game!

We can offically put this down as another first for the Fabulous Baby Striblings :)
I have been not-so-quietly oogling Amy's son Parker at A Good Life because he has been to a few games already, and I have been a little jealous :) I am also married to a guy who thinks the babes shouldn't go to public events, the beach, to restuarants, etc until they are 15 (haha!!). So, the fact that he agreed to let them try out a baseball game was pretty exciting. He is a huge baseball guy, so I know he was silently looking forward to it :)

For the most part in the grand scheme of things, they did great. I was wanting to go our first game a little late, and let them stay for about an hour to see how they would do. We got there about the 5th inning after their nap. Some takeaways:

1. Going mid game is fantastic - everyone got in free. Score.

2. Either we played a really good team or we are really bad. Lost 19-3 vs Round Rock. Yikes.

3. Because of this score, what was supposed to be an hour game turned into 2.5 hours from innings 5-9.

4. It was easily 100 degrees.

5. They did fine for the first hour, got squirmy, so we did alot of popcorn eating, walking around, and drinking water. Even had to pull out the big guns (iphone games)

6. They each got a foul ball. (seriously??? I have never gotten a foul ball. ever. They BOTH got one at their very first game)

7. After each game, the Nashville Sounds allows all kiddos to run the bases after each game. A pretty fantastic perk. (and why we stayed the entire 2.5 hours)

All in all, it was a good time. We will certainly try it again. Hopefully when it's a little less hot.

The Sounds game/Walking in with Daddy

Grampa, Happy Jake, Jules and Joshie!

Jules and Jake

First Icee!! Poor things were hot!

Love this picture :)

This one too :) Popcorn!

Our first foul ball!! YAY!!!!! (note the girl in the back on the iphone)

Yankee Fan, Yo.

Running the bases with Grampa and Daddy!

Crossing home plate!

Here in the video below of them running the bases. It is pretty shaky. I was trying to snap pics with my Nikon in one hand, while walking down the steps to get closer. HeHe :)
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  1. Looks like a hot day! Glad you have another fun memory:)

  2. How FUN! Looks like a great time was had... even in teh heat!

  3. Looked like alot of fun! You can tell they were hot! I think it sounds like you guys had a good time! I think it's pretty neat they each got a ball too! Cute pictures!

  4. We've yet to make it through a whole game, but we always have fun!

  5. FUN! Jules looks so hot but that icee must have hit the spot. We want to take Evie too. Great idea to go after it has already started! Evie loves fireworks so we want to do a night game. Jake's comment makes me laugh. That's totally a dad thing. HA! I got your message but have not contacted the person yet. Having 2 kids has thrown me for a loop, I just cannot get much done these days.

  6. looks like so much fun! i've been wanting to take my daughter to a sounds game, but just haven't gotten around to it. i'll put that on my list of things to do this summer!

  7. Looks like so much fun =) Hot though...poor kiddos. Running the bases is certainly worth sticking around for!