Friday, May 25, 2012

Flashback Friday - It's been three years!

It makes my breath stop when I realize it has been THREE YEARS since I started this blog. THREE YEARS since I finally saw those two very light lines that informed me that, YES, I was, indeed pregnant. I remember it like it was yesterday.

When you are trying to conceive, it makes you very, very in tune to your body. You notice every single pull, every twitch, every cramp, and then google the crap out of it. You take your temperature every morning of every cycle day, look at your graph, and then analyze the crap out of it as well. (You didn't know you could do that? Well, you can!) You take drugs (the legal kind), you become buddies with the ladies that work in your fertility center. You fight with your husband constantly about all this. And then you get a negative test, and you do it all over again. And again. And again.

I felt implantation (or what I had hoped was implantation - it was of course). I remember where and when it happened. (I took great notes through all this as well). A few days after that I took a test. Jake was already at work. It was faint - REALLY faint. I called my RE (Thats a Reproductive Endocrinologist) They did blood work. My beta was a 40. Pretty good for only 11DPO (days past ovulation, I was a pee-on-a-stick addict). I thought I might surprise Jake is one of those super cute ways you see on Pinterest. However, when he picked me up to go hit golf balls (for a fleeting moment I was going to pick the sport back up) I just blurted it out. He wasn't happy, or sad, he was just "just". I think he probably thought it would never happened, so he never got his hopes up. So say I was elated, was an understatement.

I was one of the lucky ones. It finally worked for me after 2.5 years of trying. I knew God had a plan in there somewhere, I just didn't realize it would be in the form of a little girl named Jules and a little boy named Josh. Twins!

Thank you all for reading along on this fantastic journey with us. What a ride it has been!

What you can't see this line? You must not have "super-sonic-can-see-the-faintest-of-lines" eyes.



34 weeks.
28 weeks

3 days old

one month
four months

one year

18 months
2 years

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  1. Such a great post! Now I'm going to have to read back to see all I missed!

  2. Goodness those babies are gorgeous.

    You should have blogged through the infertility process too! I found it really helpful for me. Of course, that is so long ago now and you're on the other side so it doesn't matter!

  3. I was once a POAS addict too! There's nothing like finally seeing those 2 lines after trying for so long. It took us a little over 2 years for our little miracle baby, and I've never been so grateful for anything in my life.

    Happy 3 years! Your children are beautiful.

  4. So adorable! love the 4 month shot!

  5. I remember seeing that pee stick three years ago! So happy to have been on this journey with you =)

  6. Thank you for sharing all these great pics and memories. I to am a mom to b/g twins that are almost 17 months old. (Also IVF babies). I found your blog when they were almost one and I have been addicted ever since!