Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

If you are wanting a wonderful post about how I had the greatest Mother's Day to date....well, you are mistaken. I am not knocking the motherhood thing. I cherish it. I love my little buddies more than anything in the world. Mother's Day was like New Year's Eve - something I looked forward to so much! In fact, we cut our FIRST EVER beach trip a day short so we could all be at home together as a family for Mother's Day.

Well, Josh and Jules...the joke was on me. Instead of waking up to a beautiful day followed by a beautiful afternoon of mommy things, I woke up to two demon children who proceeded to be even more demon-like throughout the day! We should have stayed at the beach. *note to self - the day after traveling 8 hours will always be bad! Whew! LOL.

There is always next year though. And many, many more wonderful Mother's Days to come. And, since every day is Mother's Day, I can't complain :) Love my babes!

And in other news, give me a minute while I edit the 1,528 pictures I took on their first beach trip :) I'm joking...I only took 1,300 HeHe

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  1. Your Mother's Day sounds like my birthday this year. Sorry it wasn't better!