Monday, May 21, 2012

My Josh

This guy:

Giggles. alot. And belly-laughs.
Is a very good eater and will usually at least try everything on his plate.
Has bad dreams sometimes and wakes up crying in the middle of the night.
Is a dancer. Loves it.
Knows he gets "shiny" polish when his sister gets pinks and reds.
Loves accessories. Loves bracelets, necklaces, and even purses!
Is a toy hoarder and might have hands full of them at any time.
Loves pockets for his "treasures".
Is a whiner.
Loves to test his boundaries.
Is a big fan of Mommy singing and asks me to all the time, and names song by name.
Is a cuddler and snuggler.
Is my Cuddle Bug, while his sister is Silly Sally and Nosy Rosy.
Is very affectionate and wants to be held, sat next to, rocked, all the time.
Mocks Jules and follows her lead most of the time.
Loves to run. and run. and run.
Loves water. In any form.
Has created a make-shift water slide in the bathtub.
Very smart like his sister, but in different ways.
Loves balls.
Is very compassionate and sweet with animals.
Cries when I leave sometimes for work, sometimes when I leave at bedtime.
Puts balls, blocks, cars etc in either his backpack or purse.
Is obsessed with umbrellas right now.
Loves getting his picture made.
Is breathtakingly beautiful.
Has soft lose curls.
Has big beautiful blue/green eyes.
Loves playing with our UT memorbilia (calling it T)
Can find anything he's not supposed to in the most bizarre of places and puts it in his mouth.
Is very stubborn to potty train.
Is a bubble lover.
Is a climber and is trying to climb on dressers and the refridgerator.
Loves to climb up to the big slide at the park, but still too scared to go down by himself.
Loves to swing with Mommy in the horse swing.
Is also very independent.
And hard headed.
Hates getting his diaper changed.
Is very picky about his clothes.
Has two favorite shirts: Brobee and Batman, and wants to wear them every day (unsuccessfully)
And also wants to wear his Cars rain boots and church dress shoes every day (unsuccessfully)
Jumps up and down and sings along with most cartoons.
Is more clingy than Jules.
Has a memory like an elephant. It's astounding what he remembers.
Loves his daddy.
Tests his time outs.
Loves being read to.
Is very good at stalling Bedtime and Naptime.
Is a nose-picker.
Loves Brobee. And George. And Mickey Mouse.
Loves fries.
Doesn't have a mean bone is his body.
Loves trains.
Has never really used a pacifier.
Is stronger and more solid that an ox.
And uses that against you in many things. (getting in high chairs, car seats, diapers changes)
Is known as "Joshie" around here. But also Josh, and Joshua.
Also Buddy and Bud. Because he's my little buddy.

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