Monday, May 21, 2012

My Jules

This girl:

Is a constant people pleaser.
Loves being Mommy's Helper.
Lets me brush her teeth without a fight.
Lets me paint her nails and toes and she loves it.
Love to mirror me making funny faces.
Loves one-on-one time with me and will say, "Mommy and Jules" multiple times.
Can swing all day long.
Is a very, very picky eater who always wants chicken.
Is learning how to pretend play with her dolls, kitchen, and other toys.
Doesn't like to get in trouble.
Is very easy to talk to and understands what I am saying.
Is very conversational.
Is super smart.
Is my Silly Sally for making me laugh constantly.
Is my Nosey Rosy for getting in everybody's business.
Loves to learn and loves her books.
Is sympathetic and aware of emotions of others and comforts Josh when he is sad.
Loves picking out her own clothes and shoes.
Is becoming very independent and wants to try to do everything herself.
Can go get my diapers, wipes, cream, etc if I ask her to.
Is starting the "What's this Mommy?" phase.
Has a very, very kind heart.
Likes to learn the words to songs (or pretend she does)
Can say her prayers every night.
Is potty trained, but we still haven't figured out this #2 thing yet.
Can talk all day long, but also very shy around people you don't know.
Doesn't like getting her picture taken.
Rarely whines or throws tantrums.
When you do get upset, it's very easy to talk to you.
Knows how to stall bedtime and naptime.
Makes me belly laugh.
Says things like:
"Shake your booty"
"Thats soooo cute!"
"Mmmm, thats really yummy!"
"Josh I so proud of you, yay!"
Has brown eyes.
Is a biter and a pincher.
Is a whiz with coomputers and phones. She can work through each screen on my iphone, play her games and even call Daddy and know how to speaker phone.
Loves to jump - "I jumping Mommy!"
Has a mess full of ringlets all over her head.
Is a Mommy's girl and is exactly like me in so many ways.
Has course hair.
Loves standing under the faucet in the bathtub.
Is OBSESSED right now with saying "Thank you" and "You're Welcome".
Is the best hugger I have ever met.
Loves sticking out her bottom lip.
Loves TV and have now started answering the cartoons when they ask you questions.




  1. Such a fabulous list! She is a doll =)

  2. Love these last 2 posts! I may have to steal your idea ;-) They are both just too cute!