Saturday, June 23, 2012

Babies Away

The babies are with their Grama and Papa for a couple of nights this weekend. I was going to Arrington Vineyards Friday with the girls, so Jake was going to have them by himself. Then Sat we are going  to the Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw concert, so it seemed teh perfect time for them to go hang out in Waverly, much to the estatic delight of my in-laws. It still doesn't mean I am so sad when they are gone and miss them like CRAZY. Its so different. If Jake and I go out of town, its not so bad. But, being in your house at home, and your babies aren't home, is a very different feeling. But, I know they are having a blast and being 100% entertained, so they are in good hands. I can't wiat for them to come home though! I took a few photos before they left yesterday.

Sweet little man, who loves his pockets.
On Josh: Shirt: Children's Place//Shorts: Gap//Shoes: New Blanace

On Ms. Sassy:
Swing Top: Dick and Jane//Shorts: Target//Shoes: New Balance

Just catching up on Mickey Mouse. Mesmerized

Catching up on a little housework with my helper.

Eating a snack before we go!


Doing some posing before we go. Have you seriously ever see a more pretty boy???

So cute


Byeeee, Mama!!!! (note Josh with some random Lacrosse something he picked up at the pool. He is such a random hoarder!)

Missing these little babes! Love you!

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  1. Oh my goodness! What cuties. Those are some great pictures!

  2. Enjoy your time! My inlaws kept the boys last weekend while we celebrated our anniversary and it was so weird being a few miles away and not with them!

  3. It was so good to see you yesterday! Maybe I can actually chat with you at MNO or let's meet for lunch one day. I need a weekend without my kids in my house. It sounds heavenly. I know that I'd miss them but just think of everything that I could accomplish.

  4. Hope the babes have a great time this weekend...and you & Jake too =)

  5. Polka dots and stripes! Adorbs!