Sunday, June 17, 2012

Steppin Out Saturday - Weddings and Monkeys

Jake went out of town Friday to do some kind of golf thing (yeah, I know, you are shocked that he would dare do it, hehe). So, the babes and I were on our own Friday and pre-nap Saturday. I left it up to them. We went to the pool Friday after school, so if they wanted to go back, that was fine, but I let them decide. (Yes, totally realize they could have said 'trip to the moon' and I was obligated to try and make that one work, being a supermom and all)

Whew. Luckily, the little nuggets wanted to go to Monkey's Treehouse, an indoor play place here. We love these places, and haven't been in a while, so I thought it would be fun!And if you look back on these other pictures I have taken at these places, may just crawl up in a ball and die because time goes by too dang fast, ya'll.

Anywho, fun was had by all, and they do super well with sharing and playing and just running around like crazy people, so it was a good time.

Saturday night came around and Jake and I went to a wedding with Jake's parents. It was a family friend's daughter (the one where I went to the shower a few weeks back). It was at a local upscale restaurant called the Boundr'y, and it was such an awesome space! I had no clue they hosted any type of events there, so it was so neat. I love weddings. Some people hate them, but I love them. Whats not to love? Food, open bar, dancing, etc. Plus, I am a firm believer that weddings are good for your you and your marriage,after all, it's so nice to see a sweet couple embarking on a journey of a lifetime and saying their vows before God, those same vows we did all those (ahem, many) years ago :)

Getcha motor runnin....Head out on the highway!!!

Please note the weird boy wearing sunglasses inside all day while also wearing goggles around his neck. Neighbor's kid
Also, Jules loves shapes and is precious and super smart
Also, Josh has been on a goggles as a necklace/sunglasses kick now for at least a week. At.All.Times

On Jules: Dress: Blueberi Boulevard//Shoes: TJ Maxx

"Hiiiieeee Dada!!! We cookin in da kitchen!!"

Josh tried for about 15 minutes to get this shopping cart through the door. The boy loves his shopping carts.
Also, you can't go anywhere once you get inside the door. Sigh....poor little dude, but it was too funny.

Coloring! (in sunglasses and goggles for Josh, natch)
Also, Josh taking a break.

On Josh: Shirt and Shorts: Polo//Goggles: Hmmm, target??//Shoes: Timberland

The Fam :)
On Moi: Top: Sweet T Boutique//Skirt: H and M//Shoes: Nine West
On the Babes: Their PJs :) Go Vols Josh.

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  1. I just can't get enough of your twins they are so cute! Love the goggles! New trend maybe? Super cute family photo! You look awesome in red!

  2. Oh My! How flipping adorable!!! Your twins are soo darling and simply beautiful.. LOVE the outfits and photo's.. Very FAB.. I am Marilyn, your newest happy follower here and will LOVE if you had a moment to stop in via my blog as well.. I have a fun linky party happening I'd LOVE for you to share your post alongside if you have a sec - Mannequin Monday .. Thanks so much.. LOVING your blog here, excited to indulge in more.. Wishing you a beautiful evening.. xo Marilyn..

  3. Your kids are adorable! Very pretty outfit too. Luv the color.

  4. You have a gorgeous family! Love that red blouse!