Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Time for School!

So say this is a change in our life would be an understatement. We made the decision a long time ago that they were ready for daycare at 2. But, with my job and life, and daycares around here, we decided to wait until the school session was over. Around here, waiting lists are at least a year. With twins? Two, at least. I got two calls this year from daycares that I had put my name on in August of 2009 - no joke. So, that being said, it's much easier for us to send them starting in the summer rather than fall, for entry purposes. However, we were finally told we were for sure "ins" at our church daycare, a very highly rated in here in Brentwood. Woohoo! We told our nanny in January that we were going to send them in June.

Then, TWO WEEKS AGO we were told that we weren't, in fact, going to get in. There was apparently an abundance of siblings that got the spots before us. (whatever) To say I was $%$#%@ is an understatement. So I was a woman on a mission of two weeks of visits, calls, emails, etc. Well, I will say that the Lord works in mysterious ways, thats for sure. We ended up finding two that were both going to be great. The one we decided on is very highly rated, close to Jake's work, and we ended up having a lot of friends who had sent their kids there (Steve McNairs kids went there too! RIP :(
Everyone I have talked to has said that, lol - must be the claim to fame) God has a plan that's for sure. Sometimes its hard for me to back off and trust in that, but it's true. Everyone there is SO NICE and they have been there forever, so it really makes me feel good. And, its also cheaper, so wahoo!

First off, I do want to take a minute to say goodbye to out nanny. She has been with us since the babes were three months old and has had a hand in raising them. For everything she is done, I cannot be more grateful. We're going to miss you Sherri!

So, here we go with all our photos from our very first day of school!!! We are so excited and the babes have done great so far. They love their teachers, and their teachers (natch) adore them already and say how smart and talkative they are.

Walking in. Their first day was water play, so they got to wear their swim suits

In front of the sign

Me, next to a very scared little girl :(

Jake took this one - excuse the blurriness

And then I decided to get memorable and staged some pics to commemorate their very first day of school!!

My favorite :)
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  1. That IS a big change! Glad everything worked out and the kids enjoyed it:)

  2. I'm so glad it went so well!! We're probably going to enroll Eirik in the fall and I am so not ready for it!

  3. Haha- glad to see the Brobee t-shirt! My son writes music and songs for Yo Gabba Gabba and also is the voice of Muno