Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Jake/Daddy!

Friday was Jake's "Mid 30th" birthday. Its always fun to do things for Jake on his birthday. He hates most of them and is not big on celebrating. However, I make it life's mission to make it special for him, whether he likes it or not.

Friday was also Western Day at pre-school and Jules got to ride a pony! However, Josh was a bit sick, so he stayed home with mommy (more on this later)

So, Josh and I decided to bake Jake a cake for his birthday. His favorite - chocolate with chocolate icing (and for a guy that really doesn't even like sweets, thats weird) Anywho...

I got him an iphone for Father's Day/Birthday. He unfortuanetly gets these lumped toegther every year, lol. Last year was an ipad. One year was the Green Egg grill, and then maybe a laptop the year before. He gets good gifts, but I usually make it a combo :)

However, we did do a little photoshoot for him for some new pictures to have in his office. I thought it was a cute idea. And he liked it, so score!

Then we went and surprised him at work with said cake and said pictures.

And, in honor of Fathers Day and his Birthday, I decided to ask the babes a few questions about their Daddy- in their words :)

Happy Birthday to Jake! We love you oodles!

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  1. How cute were those questions! I can't wait for special times like that. This week Penny and Ben will be turning 1 so we will have a special day here. Maybe next year I'll use some of those questions for Will's brithday. Too cute!

  2. Love that questionnaire! So cute! The picture idea is awesome too I might have to steal! Hope he had an awesome birthday!

  3. Love! You are always so creative =)