Tuesday, July 3, 2012


On Friday, something happened, that, in our little world of multiple living, doesn't happen often.

Friday was Western Day at School. The babes got to dress up like little sweet Western twinnies and got to do all sorts of fun stuff. A pony was even coming that they could take rides on! Well, this is the shot I got of the babes dressed up:

(Yes, I know Josh looks more like a hillbilly sheriff, but I only had two days to get their outfits together, ya'll)

Right after this picture the proceeded to throw up everywhere and I knew he had the trusty old stomach bug. Yay. So, the decision was made that Jules would go on to school, and I would stay home with Josh. Woah. Thats huge.

You see, in the world of multiples, that just doesn't happen. I have never, EVER spent a long length of time with them one-on-one. Yes, I know I should, and I realize its important.I honestly do.  I have taken one to the grocery store solo, and maybe to a doctor appointment, but that's about it. . But, there is nothing so sad that to have one in the car and see that other carseat empty. And I know Jules was sad all day because Josh wasn't there. (luckily, the pony helps, no?) (and the cuteness? I die.)

So, Josh and I spent all day together, just the two of us. We went to the store, and I had a hard time not shouting "He's a twin!!!!!" Whenever someone would stop us to say how cute he was. "You should see his twin!!!" (stop it)

Because, let's be honest. They are two peas in a pod. Its hard to have one without the other. We thought preschool was going to be a HUGE deal because they are separated into two different classes, but those classes are together all the time, so it's really been great. A little independence, but not a lot.

And, Josh had a great time with just Mommy. He loved all the attention that he usually doesn't get when Jules is around. We had a fun day. And we missed Jules. Next is finding a Mommy/Daughter day to squeeze in. We can make it work.

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  1. The pony picture is cuteness overload, for sure! Sounds like Joshy enjoyed his sick day =)

  2. It is really hard to get one on one time with them. It is something I plan to do more when their older. Those are some really cute pictures!

  3. The pony picture is too cute! We just had ponies at my little guy's birthday party this past weekend. I love their Western day get-ups!

  4. I love my one on one time with E. She even makes requests for what we should do on our next date.