Thursday, July 5, 2012

Random shots of cuteness

Oh ya know...just a casual Sunday and the babes were looking extra cute and in good moods. And, I really haven't been using my DSLR a lot lately, so I thought why not stage an impromptu photo shoot.

I mean, aren't they the most cutest ever???? (tis' ok. You can say yes. I already know it)

oh, and p.s. Jules is in wedges. I die. Again. And if you really want to curl up in a ball in the corner and  cry, go check out their 18m pics. Jules is wearing the same Matilda Jane dress and all of a sudden I have teenagers. sniff. sniff.

On Jules: Dress: Matilda Jane//Shoes: Consigned
On Josh: Shirt:Gap//Shorts: Crazy 8//Shoes: Timberlands.
Handholding: Gift from God
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  1. oh seriously they are TOO cute!! I love Josh's hair! So glad I am not the only mom who wants her little boy to have adorable curls. =)

  2. The dress that Jules is wearing is absolutely adorable! They are both such cuties. :)

  3. GREAT pics! The one of Josh with his hands behind his head and the next one of them together are my favs =)