Sunday, July 29, 2012

Steppin Out Saturday - Nashville Zoo (yet again) and photo bombs

I know you guys are SHOCKED that we stepped out to the zoo...again. I promise I really haven't been in a while - it's been too hot! However, this Saturday was Ice Day at the zoo, which is supposed be all sorts of fun ice sculptures, activities, visits by Shrek and other characters, etc. So we thought we would check it out since Mimi was in town. Turns out, some of Nashville's finest also wanted to check it out too, so hopefully you will enjoy the photo bombs!

This was all pre-nap. Post nap, we did the usual pool thing at Old Natchez followed by pizza with friends at Nashville Pizza Co. Yum!

After waiting in line for so long, SOMEONE had to get their pic made with Shrek, lol! The babes were having none of it.

However, after some coaxing, Josh volunteered. Although, he looks absolutely petrified, lol.

Photobomb #1 - Girl in Pink is having NONE of Jules. "oooh, girl, you better watch yo step" Jules looks ready to pounce.

This cool cat is waiting on the machine to get done.

So is this precious munchkin.

Yummmmm! And also: eyelashes.

Mimi and the babes! Photobomb #2: WOW. Take a gander to the right. I have no words. This is not a good representation of Nashville, ya'll!! Promise!


P.S. so, apparently it was THIS trip in which my babes could walk around the zoo and didn't want to be "strolled". Who knew they were this old?  This was a good excuse to try out the bamboo as a photo backdrop :)

And seriously? I die.

Photobomb #3:  The ginger photobomb. OMG. Can we talk about her top? How about her middriff? Sandals? All of the above? And the fact she is probably under 8??? What?

Me and the babes looking at the flamingos. On Moi: One of my fave casual easy dresses from H and M. I have had it forever and I love it so very much. Hope you guys had an awesome weekend!

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  1. Your photo bombs are hilarious! Love ll the cute pictures and your new header as well!

  2. Hahaha! That ginger one was hilarious. Your babes are so cute though it definitely makes up for it!

  3. Not all of us ginger's are awful photo bombers...I promise! ;) But that pic of Jules with the bamboo - too frickin' cute!!

  4. hahahaha the photobombs are hilarious!

  5. Looks like a good time was had by all...even to bombers ;-)

  6. AW how fun! You all look so happy and your red dress is fabulous my dear!

  7. Photobomb 2 and 3 are hilarious! The bamboo photos are adorable!

  8. Super dress and I love the Shrek photo. Happy Monday Mingle!


  9. The photobombs are hilarious and your kids are beautiful. :)

    -Mary @ Style That Moves

  10. Love those curls! I can't wait to see if my lil' lady has them like her brother!

  11. Really cute kids and you blog is funny and reminds of myself at times ie grocery store. But, my granny always said dont talk aboutor make fun of people because you dont know what condition you and yours will be in before you leave this world.