Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Steppin Out Saturday - SUPER WHY!

Yes, I know this is almost a week late. Sometimes (lots of times) when I take lots of pictures its very intimidating. They all are just sitting in my camera going EDIT ME, EDIT ME!! So, it takes a while to sit down and do it. Anywho...

Saturday was a BIG first for us. We went to our first live show! My Mom sent me the Groupon link to their show in Knoxville at the historic Tennessee Theater. I didn't even know they had a live show, much less that they were coming to Knoxville. So, I decided to buy them and make a little trip out of it. The show was awesome. My babes love Super Why. (For those that don't know about it - its probably one of the most educational shows out there). We had such a good time...almost.

I will take this time to say how freaking $#@$%*( we were at the theater. The show was supposed to start at 3:30. We got in line at 3:15 - outside the theater is 100 degree weather - and did not get in until 4:15. They could not handle the amount of Groupon customers, something that they SHOULD have planned for ahead of time, and did not. There are some thing I can tolerate, but customer service is not one of them. There is just no excuse. We, along with BABIES and TODDLERS were OUTSIDE the theater, in 100 degree weather for an hour. NOT acceptable. The show didn't end up starting until about 10 til 4, but but the time we got through the door we missed 25 minutes of the show, along with others. And we even had VIP tickets!! Jake tried complaining, to no avail. He even called the big manager on Monday and he couldn't have cared less. It's very, very sad. The Tennessee Theater is one of those icons I grew up with that I am so proud of. But we just had a horrible experience there, and the lack of compassion was ridiculous.

Okay, off soap box and back to what is important - babes!

This is such a memorable moment for me, it really sucks the experience was so bad. Boo,

Me and the babes!
On Me: Top: Sweet T Boutique//Jeans: Lauren Conrad//Shoes: Charles David

She's such a cutie. I took more pictures of her than Josh. She was an angel while her brother was possssed by Satan. Understandable, given the heat though.

On Jules: Top: Etsy//Pants: Matilda Jane//Shoes: Stride Rite//Bunny: Home
On Josh: Top: Janie and Jack//Shorts: Masters//Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger
I wish I could get more of them side-by-side. They are were all matchy/matchy and super twinny - so cute!

The Show!

They had such a good time. They did so good. I was worried!

Meeting "Pig" - Notice Jules' face on the left. Adorbs.

Princess Pea. They both got hugs.

Red Riding Hood.

Super Why!!! Jules is trying hard to do her arms like Super Why, lol.

Me and the babes with Princess Pea!

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  1. That is such a bummer about them not being more prepared! Glad the kids had a good time though! Super cute pictures and I love there outfits! I'm wondering when I'll be brave enough to do something like this with my little

  2. That really bites with the theater. I'm excited for the show, hopefully the theater we are going to is better prepared.

  3. Precious! That first picture is a framer. We are big Super Why fans too. We have our first live show in August (Wiggles!!) and we're super excited--love your outfit!

  4. Wow, an hour outside in that heat?! Thats crazy! I would be livid as well! Its a shame they didn't do anything to make up for it. =( But glad a good time was had by all once you got inside!!

  5. We love Super Why here too... those puppets look kind of creepy though!

    I can't believe you had to wait outside in that heat for so long. Brutal!

  6. That sounds miserable waiting in the heat! Ugh! Y'all sure look cute though. Hope you are enjoying your visit with your Mom!

  7. Those Matilda Jane pants are TOO CUTE!! You all looked fab!