Monday, July 16, 2012

The Tacos

For some reason, when the babies were old enough to sleep with a blanket, we have called them "tacos". If we were smart people, we would have called them burritos, since they are clearly that. (Have you even seen a rolled up taco?)

I digress...Anywho, from the get go, we have referred to blankets as tacos. Such as,

"Are you ready for your taco?" "Do you want your taco?" "Taco time!".

This is referred to the time after baths or after swimming or before bed when the babies get all wrapped up and snuggly in either their bath towel or blankets. It's funny because I'm not sure they even know the word "blanket". They call them tacos, and we do too. It could be our blue taco or pink taco, etc.

Bed Time is "Taco Time!" and they get all wrapped up when they lie in their cribs :)

It's funny and precious, and our little thing we do around here.

Jules is her pink taco (not allowed to think vulgarly thanks)

Polka dot taco!

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  1. Those are two cute babies in their tacos! Are you coming tonight for some tacos for MNO? Hope so!

  2. Those are the two cutest tacos ive ever seen! Love the name!

  3. I love family jokes like that. Special things only the family knows about. They are two very cute tacos!

  4. They are just so cute all rolled (or folded) up =)

  5. When our kids were teeny & we'd swaddle them, we called it being a little burrito. Dont you love having little family special words for things or traditions?! Sweet kids!