Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You guys are two...AND A HALF

Dear Josh and Jules,

It seems this is how it has happened every time you guys have hit a new age. When you were around 9 months old, I started getting daily panic attacks, because it would hit me that you were close to one. I couldn't believe it. How is that possible? You were JUST BORN!!! Literally, I would be sad every day. Then all of a sudden you guys were 11 months, and we would just casually tell people "Oh, they're one!" And by the time you actually WERE one, we were already used to it.

Forward on to around 20  months, honestly your dad mentioned that "hey, they will be turning two in four months!" I think I went into a coma then too, because it honestly didn't even cross my mind that you were anywhere near the age of two. That just couldn't be, because you JUST turned one. Then, again, around 22-23 months we were already telling everyone that we met that you nuggets were two. And again, once you hit two, we were used to it.

Well, it has happened yet again! We have been telling everyone  that you guys were 2.5 for the past couple of months now. (And if you are thinking we meet a lot of strangers, you have to remember that you are twins, so strangers stop us on a daily basis. Add a mess of curls to that, and we are pretty popular) So, now that that magical age hit us on the 8th of July, we are so used to it now that its not so hard to accept. Which is good, because let's be honest - to think that you sweet things are 2 and a half years old makes me really, really sad.

But, on the flip side, it makes me really, really happy!!! I love, LOVE you guys right now! I can have actual conversations with both of you that make sense. It's like talking to teenagers sometimes, but still. You both make me belly laugh on a daily basis and you both are so much fun to have around. This age is priceless and I am obsessed with your giggles and your bursting personalities.

Thank you both so much for being born. You were definitely worth the wait.


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