Monday, August 6, 2012

In Other News...

We did it. We got a new house! Excellent size, excellent location. Offer was accepted, and home inspection is done. So, now it's "official". For those that keep up, this has been a long, LONG process. We have been looking since before the babes were born.

We live about a mile from the Williamson County line. While that doesn't mean much to you people, it does around here. When you enter Williamson County, you are also entering some of the best public school systems in the nation. But, you also paid more to live there. So, we have been pretty picky. We have been really picky on location (not wanting to be "too" far out), picky on price, and picky on size. We have put two offers on two houses in the past two years. One we backed out of, and one we were too late on*

*the housing market in Brentwood in Williamson County is NUTS. It's definitely a seller's market. The house we lost we put an offer on it 24 hours after it was listed - and we were still too late. The house we now have we put an offer on it less than 48 hours after it was listed, and it already had other offers. We just won that one. Crazy, I know!! So, that it why it's been such a crazy mess of house hunters over here. It moves TOO fast and you really have to be on top of it. Good houses only last a few days on the market.

Back to our house! It's going to be awesome. We are pretty much gutting it and re-doing most of the inside. It's fun for me, not so much fun for Jake. The babies love it. It's funny, they have been with us each time we looked at the house, which is odd, but kind of cool. They were there when we looked at it, and again when we met with a contractor there, and then again during the home inspection. They are used to the house already and love it. After the third time, Josh had a MELTDOWN in his car seat in our driveway, because he did NOT want to go to the "old house" - he wanted to only got to the "new" house.


So, a new journey begins for us. It's going to be bitter-sweet, because this was the home we brought the babies home to from the hospital, and this was where they spent almost 3 years of the first of their life. It's where they took their first steps, first crawl, first bath, first food, first birthday party, second birthday party, first two Christmases, everything!! It was a wonderful home for us. When we moved in 7 years ago, I knew which bedroom would be the nursery. It only took us 5 years to fill it up with babes!

I will probably be posting some "house memories" of the babes over the next few weeks. After all, this is their baby book, and I don't want them to forget it!

The new house will be fabulous though. More space, and lots of room for them to run around in and be their crazy selves. A decision will have to be made on if I am ready to separate them into two rooms...(hmmmm, not yet, I don't think, even though they need it - doh!)

Oh, and p.s., if you follow me on Pinterest (@apstribling) - I apologize for flooding your stream with endless home idea pictures, lol.

And, p.p.s. Our house is on the market! Pass it on if you know anyone looking :)

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  1. You know I am excited! You will love your new location too. Lunch at Wild Iris soon, okay!

  2. Congratulations Mandy! Super exciting!

  3. Congrats on the new house! So exciting! My boy/girl twins are 2 or 3 days older than yours and I just seperated mine last night for the first time. I wasn't planning to do it yet :( I prepared my little girls room over the summer because I am a teacher and had the time. I thought I would wait until they were 3 but... Our air went out downstairs and her room is upstairs. She begged to sleep up there and I thought well now is as good of time as any. She did great and it was totally uneventful for the twins. She woke up and wanted to know if her brother was up first thing and if she could go wake him. It was really sweet! I'm sad though because my babies are growing way to fast! Good luck in your decision! I am awaiting a post on future school plans. To seperate or not?

  4. Congrats! We just sold our house and are building another one. We are living with my mom and dad in the meantime.....we've had some adjustment issues with baby girl, but baby boy has had no trouble. They are excited about the new house but have LOTS of questions! Where is your new house??
    Oh, and I separated mine when they were 2 yrs old. Best thing ever!

  5. We just bought our first house in Brentwood. We close in two weeks and I cannot WAIIIIT! I grew up in Mount Juliet and went to Wilson County schools, but Id much MUCH rather have my boys go to Williamson county! Congratulations on your home, Im sure its been a long time coming!

  6. So exciting and congrats on the offer being accepted!! We are in the process of house hunting too... oh joy! ;-)

    Hope all the construction goes smoothly!

  7. Congratulations on the new house!!! Have fun picking all the things that will make it perfect =) Look forward to the before and after pics!