Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Steppin Out Saturday - Low Key

I haven't done a fashion post the past two weeks, because honestly, I haven't had anything to post about. Last weekend, Jake and I were at a lakehouse in Camden just hanging out and chilling baby-free while Jake's parents had the babes (Jake was playing in a golf tournament over there) so, I really was just in a swimsuit or super casual. Which was super awesome :)

A view from the lake. Pretty perfect, eh?

This past weekend was also pretty low-key. We went to the zoo, and grilled out, and went to the pool a couple of days. Fall is a SUPER BUSY time, and with our new house that I have recently become obsessed with decorating, furnishing, or and demolishing and redoing, it's nice to have some low-key family time :)

Some pics from the weekend:
At the Zoo - "Howd my Hand Josh!" - Jules

Giggles :)

Close to being my most favorite pic ever.

This boys eyelashes...seriously!!!

Because, naturally, you pick pine cones after swimming.

Double jump!
And, a

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  1. Low key family weekends are great! Adorable super cute photos... where does the time go?!

  2. Great pictures!!! They are getting so grown up...

  3. Love the pics! And the one of Jules and her curls...precious! :)

  4. Your pictures are awesome! I am so jealous of all these weekends away. Perhap's Jake's parents would like to volunteer their services to take care of Henry and Evie. Heck, I'd pay them!

  5. The double jump into the pool is so cute. I love it when siblings can have fun together...