Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Steppin Out Saturday - Williamson County Fair

Saturday was yet another first for us! The babes got to ride their first "ride"! We were the southern cliche on Saturday. I haven't attended a county fair since I was probably in the 6th grade. They come every year, of course, but I haven't wanted to brave it since 6th grade, lol. But, now that I have sweet little two year olds, I was SUPER pumped to try it out.

The Williamson County Fair is a big deal around here. It's held in Franklin, and has lots of rides, animal things, and lots of other "fair" type things like funnel cakes and prize games. We stuck to the kiddie stuff, and let me say I was SUPER impressed by how much they could do! I didn't have high hopes since they are still so little, but I have to give the Fair props, it was so much fun. There were about 3-4 rides that were age/size appropriate, which was plenty for them. And the best part was the HUGE exhibit called "Little 1's Farming". I was obsessed with this! The babes got to go through this huge barn and experience all it takes to be a farmer (in a pretend way): feed chickens, milk cows, ride a tractor, fish, grow and pick vegetables, and then sell them to the local farmers market. It was precious! There was also tons of animals for them to see as well.

So, yes, we were the total cliche, but it was uber fun. A fabulous time for sure.

Happy Jules on the "boats" - this was their first experience and they were so excited!

Wearing our little farmers aprons preparing to be a farmer. We have our baskets ready!

Brushing the sheep and gathering wool

"Oooo, I got a fish!! - Thanks Daddy" - Jules

Hanging out in the John Deere tractor. Rite of passage, no?

Seriously, we are the cliche.

Hehe. My little piglet

Playing in the corn.
On Moi:
Top: boutique in Savannah, TN//Tank: H and M//Necklace: Stella and Dot//Jeans: Vera Wang

Oh my. For those who know me, know what seeing this did to me. I was like a kid at Christmas. I am obsessed with pigs, and actually used to have one for a teeny amount of time. This also reaffirmed my stance on no pork for moi.

On the fish ride!

He is precious, no?

He was giggling the entire time.

Precious girl.

On the airplane ride!

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  1. Your kids are adorable. I love the fair and piglets are my favorite too! Found you from WIWW. I announced a new link party on my blog starting next week WKWW-What Kids Wore Wednesday. I hope you will stop by with your kiddos!


  2. The babes in their aprons and on the nemo ride just melt me, what an awesome time!!!

  3. I cannot believe how big the kiddos have gotten!!

  4. You got some great pictures. I love the ones of the kids on the rides. So cute!

  5. OH MY! The piglets! SO ADORABLE! I can't do pork, either for the same reasons!!

    LOVE the kids on the Nemo ride! TOO CUTE! They look so happy!

  6. Too cute! Now I can't wait to take Colton to the one here in September!

  7. Visiting from Steppin' Out Saturday! Following you :)