Friday, September 21, 2012

Day Out With Thomas - A Review

So a couple of weeks ago was another one of those "now that I have toddlers I have to take them to anything and everything that comes to town they might enjoy" things. All you moms know what I'm talking about. While we haven't done alot yet, we have a list. We did Super Why, we will do Disney on Ice when it comes, and have my fingers crossed for the new tour of "Yo Gabba Gabba" coming to town. (wouldn't it be fab if it came right around their THIRD birthday in January, since that very well might be the theme this year?)

Back on topic. So, a couple of weeks ago A Day Out With Thomas came to town. My babes aren't what you call "obsessed" with Thomas the Train. They like him him a lot. They have a train table, and have Thomas trains, and read books about Thomas. But they don't like the show very much and don't have any Thomas clothes and we haven't gone bankrupt buying all the Thomas train tracks (trust me, it can bankrupt you - there are a million of those suckers)

Playing with the trains

Check my tat!

But, they like him, and Josh LOVES actual, real trains. So, when I saw that A Day Out With Thomas was coming to town and the babes would get to ride a REAL train and there would be loads of toddler activities, I was STOKED. It was all I could do to get to the internet and buy tickets as fast as I could.

Waiting in line! (for a long time, you can sense the impatience and close-to-meltdowness)

Yay! Train Time!

So, a Day Out With Thomas consists of a 20-30 minute train ride, pictures with Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt, a mini train ride, blow up jump houses, area to play with Thomas trains, and a place to buy anything and everything Thomas.

On the train! It was this slow that we could just get the babies to sit in laps and take pictures.
Phone pic of the girls. (Jules is saying cheese, she's not angry)

So, my review is that it was just eh. It was "ok", I suppose. The biggest highlight of the whole outing was talking to the sweet little old men that run the train yards. They are so sweet and knowledgeable and sweet to the kids. And I found out they do other fun train things like a Murder Mystery Ride, and a Polar Express Ride, etc. The train-playing section was ok, I guess, the kids liked playing with the trains. The people running the activity areas had less enthusiasm and upbringing than the people that run fair rides, and thats being nice. They hardly smiled, and acted like they were miserable. They are around toddlers all day - be happy and silly, yo!! The train ride itself went about 3 miles an hour it seemed. I honestly don't even think the kids realized they were actually "on" a train. It went 10 minutes forward, and 10 minutes backwards. Really would have been better if the train went fast...or fast"er". All that did was make all toddlers whiney and wanting to get up and run around the whole time. The mini train was actually much more fun for them.

The mini train - this one was fun! Jules is saying "no pictures mom".

Add to that the crappy pictures that I, of course, bought, and it was just a lackluster experience. I was not that impressed and probably won't do it again. But, we did it, so we can cross it off :)

Posing on the platform for their Thomas picture.


Worth every penny though, no?

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  1. Your experience sounds very similar to ours! it was "meh, okay" but everyone I know who has toddlers raves about it! Personally we skipped the thomas photo due to the line and the toddler meltdown ready to happen!

  2. I'm so glad that you wrote about this. I now feel okay that Colton's not missing anything and I don't have to drive to Chattanooga for him to see Thomas!

  3. Seeing Thomas in person is a greatest experience of most kids.