Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First Movie!

We chalked up another first this weekend! I decided to be brave and take the kiddos to see their first movie! And not only did Jake and I take them to their first movie. It was:

1. Their first full-length movie (they are used to the 30 minute shows, and their attanetion span is meh)
2. Their first time in a theater where it's really loud and they have to be quiet
3. Their first 3D movie! (they have to wear glasses the whole time!)

And you know what? They did great! We all went to see Nemo 3D. They have never seen it, and they really, really had a great time. They watched the entire thing. I actually got scared in parts (I've never seen it either) but they were champs. We got some popcorn and it cost us about $500 for the four of us. (not, really, but it felt like it! WTH?)

They really enjoyed it though and did great. We had to put their "magic" glasses on a handful of times, but once we realized why they weren't wearing them (there was this "strange" popcorn grase film all over them) they were good to go!

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