Monday, September 3, 2012

Steppin Out Saturday - Labor Day, Houses, and UT

Yay! It's Labor Day weekend. Although to some it means lots of sad faces because summer is over. But in my world, it's happiness. I LOVE fall. Fall clothes rock my socks, UT football is back, and *ahem* my birthday pretty much kicks off the season. (September 8th). The downside is that summer is over (sigh) and that school is back in full swing, so work is a little nutso right now. Add to that all this house shenanigans* and lots of weekend travel coming up, and life is just all sorts of crazy.

Jake and I went down to Atlanta for the weekend for the kick off of football! YAY! UT played NC State (and we won) which was awesome. What was horribly sad was that a sweet 20 year old fell from the top of the GA Dome literally in the next section from us and died. It was HORRIBLE. Many prayers to his family...

Moving on. It was a super fun weekend. Friday we did a little footballing. Saturday was an easy day with a Braves game in the afternoon. And Sunday was house shopping! My FAVORITE PART!! I had three stops on my list : Ikea, Frontgate Outlet, and the Ballard Designs Outlet : Ballard Backroom.

To say I was a 5 year old on Christmas morning at Ballard was an UNDERSTATEMENT. Sadly, though, I think I was overexcited, because I got really let down. Do you know the Sex and The City episode where Carrie and Samatha went to the Valley to buy Fendi's and Carrie changed her mind? It was because what was such a beautiful bag was now cheap looking and wrapped in plastic in the trunk of a car.

Thats how I felt at the Ballard Backroom. Their catalog is FABULOUS. Everything is put together and so pretty. But the outlet was a nuch of non-sellers and scratch and dents and it all just looked sad and yucky. It made me sad. I did get a Christmas Tree skirt...and that was IT. I honestly talked to Jake about our need for possibly renting a UHaul back. Ha!

Labor Day here was yucky and rainy. We went to the Sounds game for a few innings and the babes got to run bases again! (last game of the seaseon..again..sad face)

*We closed on the new house on Thursday!!! Yipee! Demo begins this week on it to completly transform it. I am super stoked. And.....we got a good offer on our house this weekend too! Accepted it, now we wait to close. Halle-freaking-lulah

Bring It Fall. We are READY.

Pics from the weekend!

My Dress I've been dying to wear
Dress: Altar'd State//Shoes: Aldo//Purse: Luana//

Goooooo Vols!
I ran into my 1995 high school Homecoming Date, Random, lol!!
Braves Game

Awesomeness. I was an Ikea virgin. Love.

I was so.excited. And those are not my earrings, just the rims, yo.

They had lots of chandeliers. Just not the ones I wished I saw. And lots of bookcases.

They had lots of clocks, but I didn't think they were that much of a deal (plus they have these all the time at Homegoods)

They had lots of wall shelving.

And they had a good selection of barstools and chairs. I was really looking for rugs, those pretty accessory pieces, coffee tables, side tables, and lighting. But, I didn't see a lot of that...sigh...

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  1. I felt the same way going to Ballard Backroom. It's very hit or miss according to my SIL. She lives in ATL so it's easy to pop in and out. Laughing at your plan to rent a U-Haul because that is something that I would plan too!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! Sorry you were let down on the shopping end of things...but you closed on your new house AND accepted an offer on your current one?!?! That is AMAZING, congratulations!!!