Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ode to our kitchen...

I mentioned doing something like this a long time ago. Since we are moving in (eeepppp!) two weeks, I wanted to take afew minutes to look back on our "almost" former home. It has been a good home to us, and has held LOTS of memories for us. After all, it was the home we brought the babes home to! Since the babies have spent almost three years of their life here, I wanted to take aminute and look back on some favorite memories that have happened here, room-by-room :)

Posing on the kitchen table - in a PICNIC basket! (teeny babes!)

First cereal on the kitchen table (we are also getting rid of the kitchen table)

First Birthday party. (note the babes to the left)

Josh contantly getting out the strainer

Paint fun on the table!

Running around the kitchen island - constantly!

We loved playing with pots and pans!

Let's start a band!
Baths in the kitchen sink :)
Hehe. More eating :)

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  1. Must be a really exciting but kind of bittersweet time to leave your house {{{HUGS}}} Thanks for taking us down memory lane!