Monday, October 8, 2012

Steppin Out Saturday - Heart Walk and more golf parties

Hey all! Long time no post! If you still remember me, you know I am a certified crazy person. I have never had such a busy fall in longer that I can remember. Not only are we re-doing this house (which is now not going to be ready by move in-awesome) but work is crazy busy, it's football time, and I have had brochitis, so I have been so sick this past week. Lovely, no??

Life must go on!

I actually got out of the house this weekend and worked our Nashville Heart Walk. I love, LOVE working Heart Walk. If you guys don't know, I actually work for the AHA and have now for the past six years. I am the Youth Market Director and work with the youth segment (schools, youth groups) throughout Middle TN. You can see last year's Heart Walk here.

Heart Walk is awesome because its so very community focused. You actually SEE the lives we are touching right in front of you. My booth was the "Share Your Story" booth. It really didn't get any more personal that that. My and my good friend, fellow AHA worker and blogger, Polly worked the booth where anyone could come up and share their personal story on camera on why they were walking that day. Lots of people came up, and the highlight was a couple there walking in honor of their son, Dylan, who is a BABY, who was born with all sorts of heart problems. He has had numerous heart surgeries. He finally came home week, only to go into cardiac arrest on Friday. Luckily, he survived, and is now back in the hospital. To listen to his sweet dad tell his story, and thank the AHA for teh money we raised, let's just say Polly and I were crying our eyes out. Wow.

Saturday night was teh last of teh golf tournament parties for Jake, so we got to dress up and go to the party at Golf Club. jake and his partner won their flight (yea!) and it was fun. However, super cold and rainy. Yuck.

Sunday was low key. We took the kids over to the new house and looked around at what all had been done. Fun weekend overall!

Me and Polly - it was freezing!


Our honor/memory wall.

Me and Joshie before the party. Not the greatest light. On me:
Top: Monkey See Boutique//Pants: Victoria Secret//Shoes: Steve Madden

Straight hair!

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  1. What a rewarding job Mandy!
    PS you look so pretty in your red!