Thursday, October 11, 2012

These guyz...

Are growing up right before my eyes! Seriously, they are little people, even though I still call them my babes.

Lately my loves...

...want to hear stories at night. While, yes, we read books, they want Mommy to make up stories to tell them. Starring? Naturally, Josh and Jules. Each story has Josh and Jules going off on all sorts of adventures. They even sometimes meet up with all their friends from Mickey Mouse and Yo Gabba Gabba.

...are obsessed with clothes, especially Josh. He picks out his outfits every night before bed, and also his shoes. He loves jackets, and shirts with buttons. He loves his clothes! Jules' note home from school said that she showed everyone at school her new shoes :) their breakfast. They choose it every morning. While usually its oatmeal, they pick out any fruit "accessory", and it makes them really excited.

...are loving their stuffed animals right now. You will not find Jules and not find "Bunny" and Foofa. She takes them with her EVERYWHERE she goes. Poor Foofa is desperately in need of a bath. Last night heard from Jules' crib: "Now, bunny, you need to take good care of Foofa and sleep with her, because she is really little". Swoon. doing new things. Josh loves new things. "What do you want for breakfast"? "Something new!" "What song do you want Mommy to sing?" "Something new!" Like I said above, they like to pick out their breakfast. But, the other day I asked Josh what he wanted, and he said "Oatmeal with bananas and raisins...THAT'S SOMETHING NEW!!!" He was uber excited.

...are my little helpers. They love helping me do anything, as much as "not helping" as it might be.

...are very big people pleasers. As soon as I raise my voice at all, or if they know they are in trouble, and I am getting frustrated, they say, "You happy Mommy??" It's the sweetest thing. That is something they came up with on their own, and they say each time I get upset with them. They both don't like an unhappy mommy, and they know if Mommy's not happy they need to be good babies.

...are really fun right now. I can honestly say this is my very favorite age. They are my little buddies. I can just hang out and talk to them all day long.

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  1. They are so stinkin' cute! And Jules telling bunny to take care of Foofa- I melted. :)

  2. Adorable! Isn't it fun how every age becomes our favorite =) I keep saying that every month and thinking it can't possibly gets better...and then it does!