Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Yes, I know it's Thanksgiving, but I have been just so busy that I haven't posted about their Halloween!

First off, let's just say that they didn't have the best of Halloweens this was just too crazy. But no worries, we are going to get all up in Christmas' face this year. I am so excited about it I honestly see Christmas lights up and get butterflies in my stomach. Having almost three year olds that are going to be omg-so-much-fun this year will do that to you.

However, that being said the poor things didn't get much of a Halloween. I had high hopes for her costume, but started working on it way too late. The tutu dress was done, but there was never any "flower" part. I kept meaning to deal with it, but life has been nuts. Between packing up our house, and dealing with a nasty home renovation, I just never got back to it.

So, here we were on Halloween Eve. We closed on our current house that morning, had movers there, and we're then informed that we STILL couldn't get into the new house- not even upstairs. It was "technically" livable, but it still had no doorknobs and stair rail. Um, no, not with toddlers. So, me, Jake, jakes mom, and the babes all got checked into a hotel. I was at Walmart at 11pm trying to find something to complete the poor child's costume. And here we are the next morning in our hotel room...taken with a cell phone. Sigh. The bee and his poor flower.

We got into our house on Halloween night, yay!!! But just the upstairs. We were all so stressed and tired we didn't even trick-or-treat.

Halloween Fail. We'll make it up next year.


  1. I think they are an adorable flower and bee!!! Hope things are calming down just a tiny bit.