Friday, November 30, 2012

Our First School Pictures :)

We got our pictures back from daycare. As aside from the fact that poor Josh looks like Prince Valium from Spaceballs I think these are some of the best pictures EVER. Its crazy how I have spent so much money on photography for my kids and they are both SMILING and LOOKING AT THE CAMERA in these school photos! It's so rare and ever happens! They however did the cardinal sin to poor Josh and brushed his curls. Sigh...anyone with curly hair knows that a hairbrush is NOT your friend. Oh well...still precious!

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  1. I gotta say... those ARE pretty cute.

  2. Very impressive! I'd like to hire that photographer. Cute kids!!!!! Hope to see you soon if things are beginning to settle down. I miss your beautiful face.

  3. Oh my gosh...those are great =) So are our school pictures haven't been anything like this.