Wednesday, December 12, 2012

25 Days of Christmas (12) - Christmas Card Display

Another goodie from last year that has been pinned a bunch on Pinterest has been our Christmas Card Display. This is a really easy, and really pretty way to display them. You can do it on your mantel, or like we did - on a mirror at our old house.

Basically I utilized our under-used dining room and used our big silver framed mirror. Then I went to Michael's and bought this really pretty pearl wire garland from the Christmas section.

I very carefully looped one end around each end of the mirror, and then did it again using slack for the bottom row. I love the pearls and love that it's wire, so it doesn't droop as much. I think its looks elegant. I then can attach the cards any way I want. Here, I used paper clips, but you can use other things as well. I thought about clothes pins, but again, that was almost tacky for me, and would take away from the pearls.

So, here you have it! A creative, pretty way (at least I think) to display Christmas Cards. I have a feeling I'll use up all the space come Christmas!

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