Wednesday, December 19, 2012

25 Days of Christmas (18) - Our 2012 Christmas List

We decided we weren't going to do too much this year. I have a suggestion that everyone should move houses in November, right before Christmas. I had no.idea. my kids had so much stuff. We still have boxes of toys that haven't been unpacked. Whew. So, first off, I am going to donate their unused books and toys to a shelter or to their daycare, and then replace with a few new things this year. You can read what we got them last year here. The only things not on that list were the Fisher Price loving family dollhouse and A Little Tikes basketball goal that were birthday presents from us. Also on that list from last year?  The Leappads - which I HATE and cannot un-recommend enough to any of my readers!! We sold them on Craigslist a couple of months ago. we go.

First off, I will say what the babes have actually "asked" for.

Jules: Suckers, Barbies, Princesses. It was suckers only for months. Thought we were getting off easy. Don't know where barbies and princesses came into the equation.

Josh: Rainboots and Toys. Bless him. I got Jules these super cute Missoni rainboots and she is obsessed with them. Josh, poor thing used to have a pair of Cars rainboots last year, but they are like 4 sizes ago, and we only now have one, because we lost the other. However, he knows where the "one" is. And he wants Santa to bring him "one rainboot". Isn't that hysterical??? Poor guy is of course, getting TWO rainboots.

***I am also prefacing this to say that we probably won't give ALL this for Christmas. Their birthday is January 8th, so we will probably keep a couple presents for birthday***

Also, I am patting myself on the back because I ended up getting some of this off of Craigslist. I decided I can still do this for at least the next couple of years, since they don't take care of stuff very well yet.


Land of Nod doll furniture. I went the cheap route last year, and got all plastic stuff, which is, of course, now destroyed all but the stroller. So, we took it up a notch for her to use with her Bitty Baby twin doll

Green Toys Tea Set. I did alot of research on this. I wanted to get a nice one that she would have for a while and you could use real liquid in if you wanted to, and that is BPA free and all that jazz.

Polaroid Kid-Tough Camera. This girls loves taking pictures with my phone. And while, the megapixels aren't the greatest, it's super easy to use and you can drop it like 1000 times and it won't break.

Random Princess Figurines. I got her a bunch of little dolls she can pop-on the clothes and play dress up with.

Ball glove. (Daddy idea, lol)


Golf Clubs. Not sure about brand on this one, this one was also a Jake decision.

Also Ball Glove. Mizzuno I think were the brands.

Cars Bat and Baseball set.

Doctor Kit. They both like playing make-believe, but Josh really likes "Dr Leeper" and is so good at the doctor.

Rainboots. Bless him.

Shake and Go Racetrack. This one is really neat! There are no controls involved, which is perfect for toddler hands. They work on kinetic energy, so you just shake them and release on the track. They more you shake, the longer they will go.

Thats pretty much it. I had high hopes of doing a big dress-up trunk for them with thrifted dress up items, costumes, etc, but I just haven't had time. That might be a birthday thing. We also got the Candyland game, but that might be a birthday thing too.

Again, just want to reiterate that I am beyond thankful for my blessings and know there are so many families who don't have a child to give presents to this Christmas, and it just breaks my heart.

I hope my kids will enjoy these this year and love them and I know I will love playing with them! I think I got some stuff they can (hopefully) share, but I also wanted to do some independent stuff for them this year due to their different personalities.

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