Friday, December 7, 2012

25 Days of Christmas (7) - Flashback Friday - first meeting with Santa

Its stuff like this that makes me want to curl up in a corner and bawl like a baby. Sometimes I think about how much I love this age and couldn't imagine having another baby, and then I see pictures like this and can't believe its gone so quickly in the blink of an eye!

They were obsessed with him! They did so good and didn't fuss in the least bit.(so different from now)

My sweet Jules.

Little Joshie

Tis the season for reminiscing!!

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  1. Man those are good looking babies!

    I remember thinking the same way you're thinking - that toddlers are so awesome and I never wanted to do the baby stage again. And now I'm going through the baby stage again and I wish I could do it 10 more times. I just wish I wouldn't have to do the 9 months of pregnancy over and over again...