Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dickens of a Christmas in Franklin, TN

We ventured out again to Dickens of a Christmas in Franklin, TN. This year, however, was about 20 degrees colder and very rainy and drizzly. So, our trip was cut about 1 hour shorter, lol.

However, we still got a few good pics. If you want to check out our visit from last year, click here (also? OMGHOWHASITBEENAYEARALREADY)

Coat and Hat? Eloise at the Plaza. I die. 

Hey! There's that Jolly Guy again!
 Pony rides again! We usually get some cute smile pics here!
Oh hey Miley! What up?

cutest picture ever. 

or maybe this one. 

The Brobee hat adds a nice touch, don't you think?

Handsome devil. Although if I could get these curls back, I would in a heartbeat:

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Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 Christmas Card Reveal

It's time, it's time! I am late to the party this year. Mostly because I was waiting to get back from Disney World, and second, because I forget how flipping long it takes for Vistaprint to print and ship. Also, they did a crap-tastic job on the back of my card this year, so am regretting that decision now. Humph.

As usual, I like to take a look back on previous cards. I still can't find the earlier cards I did with the kitty cats (poor Gus and Zelly) so these will have to do lol.

2009: pre-kids, but got preggo.

2010: I seem to have started a theme with a "year-in-review" type of thing. I think because they were born in January? So they year is actually their "year".

2011 Card: This one we started doing some text on what we've been up to this year. 

2012! This year we did a first-ever double sided card.



Front. I am digging the chalkboard trend with things this year. 

Back - again a "year-in-review" type of thing. 

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We Saw Santa! 2013 version

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know we normally see Santa about 1,087 times per year. Kind of joking, but we do manage to see him about once per weekend (sad, no?) But this year we were in Disney when the most sighting were, so we've only seen him about 3 times. This was time #2 at their Brunch with Santa at school. Our first time was checking out the free Santa at Whole Foods in Nashville. They are supposed to send me that picture, but I haven't received it yet.

Oh hey! I've been good this year too!

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Matilda Jane Clothing - Another Review and Another $50 Giveaway!

The fabulous gals over at Matilda Jane Clothing sent Jules some more items to review on the blog, as well as another $50 gift card giveaway! So perfect for Christmastime!

For those who didn't see my last one, and saw how I was oooing and awwwing and drooling over everything, you can check it out here.

For those that don't know my obsession  love for Matilda Jane Clothing, let me tell you about it.

It's the best. There - all done.

Just kidding, but seriously, it's what I put Jules in 90% of the time. And the new Paint by Numbers collection has become my favorite. There are so many beautiful pieces! She gets compliments wherever she goes, the clothes last forever (literally, her girls may wear it too) and the clothes are made to mix and match and go from season to season!

An example: Take the Turtledove Knot Top. Here I have it paired four different ways:

You can change out the undershirt and leggings for a completely different look. And do you see how "spring/summer" the top left is by just adding pastels? This is why I love Matilda Jane. It can last forever! I bought a 4 in this top. My sister-in-law, whose daughter is 9 months old. She bought the 2! I can understand how that seems odd, but she'll wear it as a dress for a couple of years, then wear it as a top after that. Fabulous!

Matilda Jane sent me a few items to review, but since I love this collection so much, I thought I would also review some other pieces from the collection that I also currently own. And if you want to see some other pieces from Paint By Numbers, please go check out my last post - I have several other pieces on there as well. My only advice for you is know that their items tend to run a little bigger than normal. And thats ok. I like that because it gives Jules several seasons to wear something before she grows out of it. Apologies for the pictures. It's now too cold to go outside for modeling!

The Shasta Bubble top in Jester Red. I wasn't sure about this one, and thought about sending it back. But OMG I truly love it!!! Again, take off the red undershirt and pair with light colored capris in the springtime!
I love, love this set. Adore it. The leggings go with SO MUCH. 

I reviewed the Turtledove top already, but we wear is so much - Jules just loves it! Here we have it paired even differently than the four ways I showed you above. (Also - LOVE these legging!)

Here is a super comfy but super cute look. It honestly feels like pajamas but looks like a million bucks. How sweet is this little casual outfit?

P.s. Jules is quite, quite obsessed with our nativity scene, hehe. She has been since she was teeny!!

So, how do ya enter for the $50 giftcard? Just enter below. I decided to use Rafflecopter this time. There was lots of entries last time and it was hard to do the drawing lol! Good luck! You have until next Friday!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was given items for review and giveaway, but opinions expressed are my own

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Giveaway! Beautiful Sterling Necklace from Blue Nile

Do you wear alot of jewelry? I seem to. But, I only have a few "nice" pieces that stay in my jewelry box. The rest are more trendy pieces that come and go (can you say bubble necklace?).

In recent years, I have found that I am drawn to much more delicate, pretty, timeless pieces than the "statement" necklaces that seem to have made a comeback as of late.

In looking at jewelry, you certainly have tons of choices. When I was contacted about doing a giveaway for Blue Nile, I was like, "huh! I remember that place!!" Seriously, I have totally bought from them numerous times, but they have been one of the few online retailers that has been around what seems like forever! 1999 people!

They were certainly the website I went to when I was perusing diamond engagement rings way back when. (They have a "build your own ring" section)

Monique Lhuillier Princess Double Halo Engagement Ring (to die for)

I am so excited to get to do this giveaway for you because it's made me shop around on Blue Nile and I forgot how truly great it is!

They have many different styles, setting, and metals so there is literally something for everyone. If delicate is your style, check out these precious necklaces:

Circlet Link Necklace - $145

Arrow Necklace - $40

"Love Necklace - $30" 
They also have a fabulous section of engraveable gifts, perfect for graduation gifts, Christmas gifts, Bride/groom gifts, etc, etc. Items such as lockets, cufflinks, and jewlery boxes!

I would love to get this for Jules with her Monogram engraved. 

How precious is this locket?

If you are in the market for wedding, engagement, or any gift jewelry, I would highly recommend Blue Nile. Honestly I haven't thought about them since I got married, and I have found so many pretty things on there that I am swooning over!

The fantastic peeps over at Blue Nile have sent me this fabulous (and on back order!) necklace to give away to one of my readers. It's is honestly precious, and a super hot trend right now. It's on back order on their site, so you are very lucky to receive one! Even better? It will even come gift wrapped in a beautiful gift box with ribbon - perfect for gift-giving!

All you need to go is go to their website and tell me what item you might purchase for yourself or for a gift and comment below. That's it!

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I was sent items for review and to giveaway, but all opinions are my own. 

We. Did. Disney.

Oh yeah. One of many dreams has officially come true. There is SOOOO much to write about, and soooooo many pictures to organize and get through, and sooo many tips I'd like to share from my experience.

but, for now, I will leave you with this:

Josh really had fun, promise!

If you have noticed, blogging has not been as much of a priority has it used to be. I honestly have been so busy! I promise to get better with it. I didn't even do my 25 Days of Christmas this year, probably because OMG it's December 11th already (what??)

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Small Town Halloween

Halloween around here got a little rained out. Thursday was Halloween and its was almost tornado weather, so most neighborhoods and cities "postponed" Halloween until Friday. We had already planned on going to my in laws in Waverly for the weekend, so we just did our trick-or-treating down there.

In Waverly, because it's a small town they do Halloween big. They close down main street and host a huge Halloween trick-or-treating event. Every house is decorated to the 9's and everyone hands out candy. They also have lots of food and games for the kiddos as well. Fun, fun fun!

And let's be honest, after last year's redneck Halloween in a hotel room with craptastic costumes, this year couldn't go anywhere but up.

Oy vey. Halloween 2012. This one may haunt their nightmares for a few years. 

Josh had two costumes - one he wore to a couple of parties (Spiderman) and he decided to trick or treat as a pirate. Jules, the same. She was Rapunzel to her school party, and Aurora trick or treating. And she got to wear makeup- Jules Boo Boo. 

Good Lawd heart these two

This. Too. 

My little Honey Boo Boo Child!!

Grama with all the chitlins. (Good grief need to get off the Honey Boo Boo)

Family pic. Hey, whats over there to the left?? What am I missing?

Headed down main street for some candy!

A little freaked out but pretty brave!

Poor peanut was so sick. She finally gave up. 

Aunt Jen and our little niece Olive the Bumblebee!


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