Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Photobooks and Resolutions

It seems like I make the same resolutions every year. Or, at least I have the past few:

Be heathy/lose weight/exercise
Learn photography
Learn sewing
Be better with money

Last year's also included doing more with my husband. We need to still work on that one. I didn't mean dates or trips. I meant actually talking or doing enjoyable things after the kids go to bed and actually spend time together. What ends up happening is we sit in front of the TV or are on our phones/computers. Which brings me to:

Photobooks. I am incredibly sad tonight. I just spent the past hour going through pictures of year 1-2 for that years Photobook. What I saw just made me sad. Soooo many pictures, so many activities, soooo many expressions, giggles, soooo many pictures of me with the babies.

While yes, we do lots of those things now, I rarely use my camera much unless it's an event of some sort. Also? We don't do many activities at home where I am actually creating the activities and we do it together with 100% of my attention. So what has changed from then until now?

I got an iPhone. I got a mini handheld computer that is an extension of me. I am guilty I admit. I love, love it. And it's awfully convenient to take a quick video. But it's causing me to suck at mothering. It's causing me to suck at marriage.

Why is that? It does so many wonderful, wonderful things. But I've got to let it go. My kids deserve all of me. So does Jake. I love the wonderful pictures I took with my chunky DSLR. I love my iPhone pics too but it's not the same.

I admit it's harder now with them. I have two very active toddlers who exhaust me and frustrate me sometimes so it's easy to take an email break.

I need to disconnect and unplug, plain and simple. that's it. That's my big "resolution".

Who's with me????? Please tell me I'm not alone and it's easy to detox.

Besides, I miss this random shots.


  1. Totally with you friend! I said the house is becoming a minimal phone zone. Good luck, I know it's hard bc it's become such a habit but we can do it!

  2. yes, i so agree with you on unplugging! I got an iphone just before Christmas and a tablet just after Christmas and already know it can "suck me in". the first thing I said after I got the tablet was "wow, i need to set some boundaries for this thing..."

  3. There are only so many hours in a day and they grow up so quick. So unplugging and spending time on family and home is the best thing you can do.