Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Are you there blog? It's Me, Mandy

I promise I will be back soon. Life has been one ball of work (Feb is Heart Month), sick (TWO rounds of stomach bug and two rounds of sinus crap, roated through the family), a laptop that is missing not one letter key, but 10 keys* (which makes it SUPER hard to type a freaking post) and whose plug-in-jack is so messed up I have to leave it 100% still at all times and cannot uplug it. I need to get all this fixed, like, yesterday, but if you'll go back to #1 and #2 you'll see why I haven't.

I am here, and the babes have been litle crazy people lately with a bunch of hair. I can't wait to update you all and show new pics.

But, alas, I need to write another $150 check to get this computer fixes before I go crazy playing guess the keys that might work.

*this might be the work of a 3 year old boy

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  1. Good to hear from you! Sorry Josh got to your did make me giggle though ;-)

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