Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our Big Snow Day

So, (since I am now busting up a blog feed!) we had a HUGE snow in Nashville this year. I mean- blizzard worthy. We had at least two inches at 8 am which was promptly completely gone by 11am. (and two inches is a lot, ya'll). Plus, it gave us a chance to use our snowsuits. That's the problem with buying snow thing down here. We either have very snowy winters, or it doesn't snow half an inch.

This is also the first time really that they have ever actually gone out and "played" in the snow as kids rather than babies. *sniff* So, leave it to me to dress them appropriately.

They might have had on: three pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, three long sleeve shirts, jacket, snow suit, and babylegs on their arms and legs. Overkill, much? We played outside with our neighbors, which was much fun. Can I just say how much I love our new subdivision  I have been meaning to post before/after pictures of our house that we gutted. I really plan on doing that soon.

Check out how tiny his head looks with his 500 layers. And check our dusting of snow that I put 500 layers on him for. 

Hanging with the neighbors!!

We're ready to go out Mama!!

Shes so precious. 

Jules, sweetie, not sure how many snow angels you will make. 

This one was earlier in the day - it melted so fast!

They got the hang of it. I swear, then turned 15 in a day. 

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