Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Weekly Project 26 - My Son, the model

Okay, so here's the deal when you own a DSLR. I sadly have not picked in up unless there has been some major event (Birthday, Christmas, etc) After posting one of my New Year's Resolutions, I have tried to get out my DSLR more. And let's just say, Katie Bar the Door. I have snapped a ton lately, and I have needed to. It's about time to step up this camera thing and actually learn how to use it properly (it's only been 3 years, lol)

So, once I get it out, its crazy. And who better to practice on then my own little models??

I haven't done a Weekly Project in a while because I haven't been taking a ton of pictures that aren't with my iphone. so expect some picture heavy posts in the future :)

Couldn't you see this in a print ad somewhere? Hello- any agents out there?

Beautiful - seriously. 

Dear Little Buddy, 

Boy three had been tough for you! What used to be my little sweet, snuggly little cuddle bunny has tuned into a very rambunctious little boy! You are into everything, like to whine, argue, throw fits, etc. Everything that was supposed to happen at two that you just skipped right past. While those don't happen often (thank goodness), they do pop up from time to time. And thats okay. I was expecting it. Everyone says you are just like your daddy and he was apparently just as wild and even worse so I hear. We still have our moments, and you still love to hug and give kisses, but I have to accept the fact that you are growing up and are ready to explore, explore, explore. 

You are just the smartest little guy with an elephant of a memory. It kills me what you remember. Today even we just drove by The Puffy Muffin,a restaurant, just to see what the wait time was. And you called out, "Hey Mom, remember when we went to that street festival? We haven't done that in a long time!!". Josh - we went and ate at The Puffy Muffin one time. It was after going to the Brentwood Street Festival back in September - 6 months ago. How you remember that I have NO IDEA. And you know your grocery stores! You know Publix, Trader Joes, Harris Teeter, and Kroger. You can drive by them and call each of them out. At our Easter event we went to today, they gave you free packs of crayons. At the top there was a tiny Publix logo (I didnt even notice) and you said, "Hey Mom, these are Publix crayons!". It is crazy!!

Keep growing up buddy. But just try and grow a little slower, m-kay?



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