Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Weekly Project 27 - Little Peanut

Because I was so camera happy today, Jules gets her own post too on Weekly Project this time. So, two Weekly projects :)

Her hair is either a complete mess or the most beautiful head of hair you have ever seen. 

Dear Jules, 

My spunky, hilarious, beautiful little girl. You are headstrong, brilliant and so funny. I don't  know what is is lately but you have jumped head first into a princess phase. I was more of a tomboy growing up, so not sure what has caused this. You ask to wear your little purple Crewcuts dress with tulle every day. "Mom, can I wear my purple tutu today"? We signed Josh up for Baseball lessons, and when I asked you what you wanted to take you said, "Um, I want to take princess lessons". (what? was thinking dance??) Not sure where I'm going to find those around here. Me: "Jules, are you a princess?" You: "Not yet." Let's hope the royal family has a son. Other than that, I'm not sure I can fullfill your wishes little one. 

You are by all stretches, the perfect child. You mind, you are a people pleaser, and you cannot stand to get in trouble. If you for one second think you are about to get in trouble (spill your milk, etc) you immediately burst into tears and punish yourself. If only we can get this nap/bedtime thing squared away we'd be golden. still love to stall and sing about a million songs before you fall asleep :)

You are your mommy's girl through and through. My twin, and my little love.



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