Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So...this is a milestone

There are certain things you dream about when you have a little girl of your own. Going to tea parties, girly lunches, and getting pedicures. Of course if you are MY daughter the day will also come when we make our first trip to NYC and go see our first broadway show together :)

But I digress... Last week was a first for Jules and I. A big one!!! We have crossed that milestone experience off our list of getting pedicures together. Jules had water, I white wine. I got my signature red toes while she opted for blue polish with white flowers. (She also got her fingers painted orange, go figure!)

All in all it was so great! She sat there for 45 minutes and loved every second. I didn't have my good camera with me but I did take a few shots with my phone.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Potty Training...Again

This week we are potty training this guy. Whew. Let's be honest. With twins, I probably should have done it closer to the same time. Jules got potty trained right at 2 years old. They turned three in January and we are just now doing Josh. He honestly was ready at 2.5 and that's when his window was. Absolutely. But, we were moving/renovating, and I was already getting so tired of taking Jules to the potty ever 5 seconds, so let's be honest...I didn't want to do it. At that point I didn't care if he peed in a diaper until he was 15. So, now...its hard. He is lazy and too busy to be bothered with going to the potty. He knows exactly what to do, he just chooses to sometimes. Pray for him...and me...and bring wine.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Over-Scheduled 3-Year-Old

Let's chat for a minute, mkay? Sometimes it really drives me crazy how society is nowadays. And let's be honest...I am a crazy one and probably most moms out there are too.

I have two three year olds. We haven't really gotten them involved in many extra-curricular activities. They take a short gymnastics class through their school on Thursday mornings. We went to Mommy and Me classes at Gymboree when they were little. But that has been the extent of it.

So, when they turned three, I decided to maybe start getting them more involved in some things. Things, plural? At three? Surely I jest! After all, we live in Brentwood, TN. The abundance of activities available for a three year old would probably make your head spin. There is, of course, gymnastics. Then there is soccer, dance, basketball, baseball, hockey, karate, spanish, and swimming. Is your head already starting to spin around? Yeah, mine too.

We decided to keep them in gymnastics at school and then put Josh in baseball and possibly do dance or something with Jules. We haven 't done that yet, but Josh is in week 4 of baseball.

The baseball around here is Lil' Sluggers. It's not actually baseball, but a little group of boys and they teach them the basics: throwing, hitting, running bases, sliding, etc.

Josh is...how do I put it...not good. His attention span is that of a over-energetic gnat. He follows direction for a little while, then is in his own little world. But I of course think he is doing great for 3, because he's ummm three!! Which, is pretty typical of 3?? yes? no? He does good, mind you, and I do think he is learning to throw and hit, but...here's the thing. He's the worst on his team because he's the least experienced.- ahem...least experienced. AT THREE. Who knew I had to worry about enrolling him AT TWO so he could catch up to these kids??? And this is when I want to just throw my hands up in the air and throw a fit. When did it become the society where we already are instilling skills to make them so competitive at TWO. Why is my son behind at THREE? Aren't three year old just supposed to run around in the backyard and pick up sticks and stuff? I saw another mom I know at the last lesson and I was talking to her about her son, who is 3.5 and he got moved to the next higher class because he was so advanced. This was his 4th cycle of lessons. And he plays hockey. I love that her son is so talented, but poor Josh, lol. **beats my head against the wall**

It's all very, very frustrating. And here I am right in the middle of it, which just makes me depressed. And what if I pull him out? Then will he be even more behind? The main reason I put him in this class to begin with is so that he could do something alone, without Jules. She is the dominant, social twin. However, without her, he is shy and had a hard time making friends. So, I guess its good for him, right? Oh, yeah, and we also started swim lessons. So, yeah, thats three things. Not proud of it. *hangs head in disgust*

So, tell me moms. What say you? Do you guys already have your wee toddlers already over-scheduled? Please don't tell me I'm alone here.I don't want to be that mom. I really don't. But I may not have a choice.

Thats him in the Yankees hat :)

Poor little guy :(

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Case of the Mondays

Sometimes even princesses get a case of the Mondays...

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Different Type of Photobook

As you know, I am all about doing things a little differently, and thinking outside-the-box when it comes to "creative" type things. I should be the type of person that is all about scrapbooking. I did a big one for Jake's 30th birthday.  He had the huge box of sports memorabilia from playing in school and all his newspaper stats clippings, etc. So I did a scrapbook for him, and it took so.much.time. But it was cute. But I have discovered I am much more a graphic designer than scrapbooker.

So, then comes photobooks. I am a fan of them for sure. I designed one after my ancient wedding. They do them now, but not when I got married (sigh). And, I have tried to do one for each year of their life. I did year 0-1, year 1-2, and year 2-3. My goal is to: #1 keep up with them and #2 make each one a little different.

Year #1 was more traditional and much more milestoney. Naturally, SOOOO much happens in between 0-1. But as they are getting older, I can take a bit more liberties with how each photobooks look. So, here are some examples of the things I have done.

Year 1-2 Photobook:
I did kind of a chalkboard theme. Each month I wrote a little update on that month and what they were up to. Then I did a picture from that month. I loved this and this is going to be something special to look back on.

Year 2-3 Photobook:
On year 2-3 I saw this idea on pinterest and tweaked it a bit. I did an alphabet theme through their 2nd year. Made it different and super cute.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Future Fabulous

I picked up this beauty off Craigslist. It's getting painted with some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and will be Jules' armoire! Can't wait to start tackling this. Whew though... It's going to be a bear.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

And finally...Easter Sunday!!!


The makeup was her favorite. When did this thing become such a girly-girl? All she wanted was tutus!

No pictures, please!!!

Memaw with Baby Olive!

Last hunt of the year!

In the end, they decided they would like to hide the eggs instead. This is Jules' attempt. 

And...Easter through the years. At least ONCE I would love to get a nice family shot. Sigh....it just will never happen.
Easter 2010 (the babes were too young for church so they wore Yankees gear in honor of baseball)

2011 - It was an act of God to get this picture. The babes were fine, this one was on Jake. Their little outfits were so darling, and I didn't get a shot of them.

2012 - Again, everyone looked super cute, but it was rushed and I only got one shot because Jake didn't want to take pictures. Seriously, he's going to regret this one day. Hmph.

2013 - somewhat better, but trying to rush out the door to church and this was the only shot. Poor Jules is cut off and I am seriously in need of a spray tan. They are just the sweetest ever though. 

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Easter - Pt 3 - Neighborhood Hunt

I know I have mentioned it before, but I adore our new neighborhood so much! We came to this hunt right after the one at Old Natchez, and this one was so much more fun! It even had a bunny too. They were a little surprised that this one had bigger ears.

Hugs from Jules. 

Hugs from Josh

All the kids are ready to hunt! Look at the two littles to the right. For as much as the argue, they are always together. Two peas in a pod. 
And they're off!!

So sweet. They wanted to sit next to each other. :)


Me and the babes!!
On Moi: Top: Ann Taylor//Jacket: Cabi//Pants: Simply Vera Wang//Shoes: Indigo//Accessories: Stella and Dot
On Jules: Dress: Baby Lulu//Pants: Matilda Jane//Shoes: L'Amour
On Josh: Shirt: Janie and Jack//Pants: Gap//Shoes: Nikes :) That one wasn't worth the fight. 

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