Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Different Type of Photobook

As you know, I am all about doing things a little differently, and thinking outside-the-box when it comes to "creative" type things. I should be the type of person that is all about scrapbooking. I did a big one for Jake's 30th birthday.  He had the huge box of sports memorabilia from playing in school and all his newspaper stats clippings, etc. So I did a scrapbook for him, and it took so.much.time. But it was cute. But I have discovered I am much more a graphic designer than scrapbooker.

So, then comes photobooks. I am a fan of them for sure. I designed one after my ancient wedding. They do them now, but not when I got married (sigh). And, I have tried to do one for each year of their life. I did year 0-1, year 1-2, and year 2-3. My goal is to: #1 keep up with them and #2 make each one a little different.

Year #1 was more traditional and much more milestoney. Naturally, SOOOO much happens in between 0-1. But as they are getting older, I can take a bit more liberties with how each photobooks look. So, here are some examples of the things I have done.

Year 1-2 Photobook:
I did kind of a chalkboard theme. Each month I wrote a little update on that month and what they were up to. Then I did a picture from that month. I loved this and this is going to be something special to look back on.

Year 2-3 Photobook:
On year 2-3 I saw this idea on pinterest and tweaked it a bit. I did an alphabet theme through their 2nd year. Made it different and super cute.

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  1. oh i am so stealing the alphabet idea!! I've been starting to think about putting together photobooks for the boys but am coming up with blanks on how to "theme" it. Thats a great idea!

  2. Thanks! That's a good way took at it. Each year has its own "theme" :)

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  5. How cute! You all look so great in the photos!