Thursday, June 27, 2013

Three Year Portraits

What, you say??? My babes are 3 AND A HALF? Surely you jest.

Actually, yes, they are 3.5 (that sounds better, no?). And I am REALLY REALLY late in doing their 3 year portraits. But, I had some done at Christmastime for our Christmas Cards, and dang it, it's not my fault they turned three right after Christmas on January 8!! (actually, um, I guess I could be partly to blame)

Alas, in all their cuteness glory, here are our three year portraits. Taken by the fabulous Lindy Buss of Simply Charming Photographs. Just recently, at three and a half. So sue me :)

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  1. We love Lindy! She's taking Henry's 2 year pictures in a few weeks. Josh and Jules look precious as always. She captured some amazing shots.

  2. All of you are adorable!!! Great pics =)

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