Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday - vol. 1

I decided to "try" to jump on the Five on Friday bandwagon. I probably won't get to it every Friday, but I'll try. You just kind of post about 5 things you are loving, or five things on your mind. My local bloggy friends Following C's and The Neimeyer Nest usually participate, and it's piqued my interest. :)

Here we go!


It's so dang hot here. Like, "really, really" hot. And humid like craziness. And it seems like every time we attempt to go to the pool, it rains. Like alot. And I'm getting kinda sick of alot.

2nd time in two weeks I've let them play in the rain...because, obviously.


We are going up to New York in August for a long weekend and I'm super stoked about it. I'm kind of obsessed with New York City and it's my all time fave place to go. I've blogged about it a bit here, here, and here so I'm excited about going back. Jake and my sisters husband are going with us, so it will be a bit of change from our normally girly trips, but still uber fun.

A pic from a previous trip. Im guessing 2008 based on the date stamp - ha!


I got a chair reupholstered thinking it was going to go in the babies' room as replacing their nursery glider, but when I got it back I realized how WHITE it was. (I have been a sucker for white things lately, bad for toddlers and cats). So, after moving it around places, I decided to squeeze it in our bedroom for now and look for something else for their room.

See the chair squeezed in over to the left? It's super whitey white, along with my bedspread now covered in cat hair. I will eventually learn. But man, I love it!


I, for one, and so flippin' excited for this Royal Babe to get here. I'm obsessed. I know I might be alone. But eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

And with school comes football season! Its officially that time of year where I start scoping the web for cute orange stuff to wear to football games (Go Vols) It's football in the south, ya'll - wardrobe is key. (all photos via Pinterest)

I must find some Tory Burch orange flats like, yesterday.

Love this so much!
Happy Friday!!

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  1. Love the chair and all the TN outfits! My hubby worked a football camp at TN a few weeks ago and came back with lots of orange! But go Cocks! Love the SEC!

  2. Hey there! I stopping by from the linkup! We are just down the road in Memphis, and AMEN girl it is HOT and HUMID! Pretty miserable! Your banner photos are just gorgeous, those babies with their beautiful curly hair!! And I laugh at your chair, b/c I had the bright idea to get a white sectional for our living room. Other than having to wash the covers every other month, I still love it! Your chair turned out great! Have so much fun on your NYC trip!! Happy Weekend! Xoxo, Cameron

    1. Girl. I know. I have the white Crate and Barrel skip covered sofa too lol. My husband is seriously about to kill me. At least the covers are washable no?

  3. Love the necklace! I need it!

  4. Love all that fun orange and your bedroom is beautiful!